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  1. That’s really helpful. I guess I just need to read through all the universities different admission policies. Are you trying to maximize the amount of schools to apply to or just picking a select few to target? Which schools are you targeting? Thanks!
  2. I'll take some time to read into the policies surrounding different university medical admissions. Are you aware of some schools in particular that don't allow more than two online classes per year? I'm an aboriginal applicant living in Saskatchewan. I'm aware that the University of Saskatchewan has limitations on online courses. It's frustrating, I don't understand the reasoning behind this. Also, since I'm an aboriginal applicant, will being IP not have any added benefit in admissions?
  3. I'm a few classes into my undergraduate studies online through Athabasca University (B.Sc Human Science Major, Physical Sciences Minor). My goal is to get the required GPA and prerequisites in order to apply to medical school. I've created a program plan that has all of the prerequisites to apply to most if not all Canadian schools (I think). At this point my average is 88.5%, but i'm slightly concerned that once I get further into my program that I won't be able to maintain the required grades to apply. It's important to note that my schedule is quite different due to classes being online. I study eight hours per day, seven days a week. I'm able submit assignments and complete exams at my own pace; but I like to keep it consistent by finishing one class every thirty days. Although, this also means that i'm able to take extra time if I'm struggling. I'm sure that many of you have finished the classes listed below, which leads me to my question: considering my circumstances, is it unrealistic for me to expect to maintain a competitive GPA with a course load like this? (120 credits) Introduction to Management Introduction to Human Health (I)  Introduction to Information Systems and Computer Applications Introductory Composition Psychology as a Natural Science General Psychology Computer-Oriented Approach to Statistics Introduction to Calculus (I) Chemical Principles (I) Chemical Principles (II) Principles of Biology (I) Principles of Biology (II) Human Anatomy and Physiology Biology of Human Sexuality Introductory Nutrition Complementary and Alternative Therapies Physics for Scientists and Engineers (I) Physics for Scientists and Engineers (II) Professional Ethics Environmental Chemistry Introduction to Personality Theories and Issues Social Psychology Biological Psychology Abnormal Psychology Drugs and Behaviour Nutrition in Health and Disease Modern Concepts in Nutrition Health Care Economics Organization of the Canadian Healthcare System Introduction to Epidemiology Scientific Reasoning Research Methods Organic Chemistry (I) Organic Chemistry (II) Introductory Microbiology Introduction to Biochemistry Human Genetics Cell Biology Immunology
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