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  1. hey ! I'm in the Ottawa region and is interested in some help. Could you PM me the details?
  2. Invite Time Stamp: 12:20 AM Location: IP Stream: French wGPA: 3.87 Current year: Third year UG ECs: Pretty average ; hospital volunteering, few clubs ranging from high school to second year, jobs, no research Casper: Did not prep really heavily, just increased my typing speed a little and developed a good answering strategy using free sample Qs. Left out the third Q blank in 2-3 scenarios, otherwise felt good about my answers.
  3. Kez

    Should I fight for marks??

    Speak to the TA and ask why you're losing marks. If they refuse to answer or you believe their marking is unfair, go speak to the prof. I understand where you're coming from in your frustration, but TAs (at my institution at least) don't take marks off, let alone give you a flat 0 on a question for no good reason. Also don't take their late answers to your email personally, they're busy people ! Good luck !
  4. Kez


    Not sure, I only asked if they accepted references past October 1st
  5. Kez


    Yes, I emailed admissions and they confirmed
  6. His chances are 0% regardless, they won't lower their GPA cutoff. It's not a question of money being an issue or not, its a question of don't throw your hard earned cash away
  7. Kez

    CASPer and GPA question and chances? (OOP)

    Mac uses cGPA, and both your GPA and CARS are unfortunately below the average (3.84 and 129 respectively). Adding the fact that you're OOP will just make it that much harder. If you obliterate the CASPer maybe you could get yourself an interview ? If you're applying to another Ontario school may as well give it a shot if money isn't an issue but understand that the odds are stacked against you . Good luck
  8. Kez

    Advice on How to Organize ABS

    For your second question refer to : http://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/canmeds/canmeds-framework-e