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  1. Honestly I feel the same way, but I think I’m just going to give up having hope at this time because it’s just super annoying! And with the lack of movement (that we have experienced here) it seems like it’s the best thing to do. I feel like it’s all over :/.
  2. I can't even log into SOLUS, I'm SOLOST. GL to all on the WL. I'm praying every second of the day that the force will work in our favour.
  3. Chose Mac so the Western waitlist moves more... lmao
  4. Hi, I really need some help here, more so about the logistics of the situation. So I have applied and have been waitlisted at two schools (Queens and Schulich (bad waitlist)). If I apply to Masters (start this month) I would be eligible to graduate in 16 months (next August). So if I do start and say if I get in within the waitlist period (ex: getting accepted in August and I’m 4 months into my Masters) would I be able to leave my masters to accept my medical school wait list acceptance? I’m just not trying to screw myself over and do the best thing for my future! If you have any info please help me out on here, it would mean a LOT! Thanks!
  5. Everyone 1st year med student I talked to at Queens said they felt terrible about their interview (either both or MMI/Panel). I don’t think the way you felt about it matters lol as much as we try to analyze what our position is on this WL I don’t think it’s possible IMO. So if you think you did bad/mediocre you prolly did better than you think (or worse who knows what they’re looking for ?!)
  6. Waitlisted at both schools I interviewed at. UWO and Queens. Pls Mr. Waitlist, pls move!
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