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  1. Hey guys, I’m a canadian student willing to apply for American dental schools for this upcoming cycle. Can anyone recommend a good advisor who can help me in this process? As a Canadian student the application process is more confusing for us as there are some differences in the academic systems between Canada and U.S.
  2. RCT: 18 bio : 21 chem: 29 AA:22 PAT: 18 I’m really not happy with my PAT scores. Any ideas how to study? I used Datbootcamp and Datcrusher
  3. For me Bio was really hard and I was shocked and surprised. It is even more surprising for me that none of you guys had any problem with bio so can someone please recommend me what to study for bio? I read Cliff’s notes and took the sample bio questions in Dat bootcamp. The questions in Dat bootcamp and crusher were all memorization and I got usually 35/40. Please recommend me what to do for bio. For me the The chem was fair and I even think that chem was easier than bootcamp. I used chad video for chem + datbootcamp+ dar destroyer PAT! As soon as I saw the keyholes I moved to the TFE section . TFE was fair holepunching was ok. Angle ranking was just like always hard and confusing. An pattern folding was good but I ran out of time for the last 5 questions. Keyhole was decently the worst I’ve ever seen! RCT! I’m not a big fan of it. And as soon as I saw the second passage I moved to it cause I had a similar passage on piano in crusher. The other 2 passages were really hard and I guessed a lot of them.
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