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  1. Make sure to join the MUN Med Interview Group 2019 on facebook if you receive an invite! The 2023s will be posting lots of helpful info there
  2. Status: Accepted! IP applicant - second time applying. Timestamp: 10:31 AM GPA: undergrad 3.8, masters 4.0 MCAT: 509 Excited to meet everyone
  3. I’m not sure how many people are on it. How many get accepted off of it and when you find out differs every year. I know people who have gotten off the wait list right away, and people who have gotten off the wait list in August. It just depends when people don’t accept/give up their seat! best of luck!
  4. Agreed. I think they have just decided not to release the exact date this year so they would tell us the same thing whether its the next day or whether its 2 weeks from now.
  5. Can we all collectively cross our fingers for tomorrow?
  6. Does anyone know if theres a specific day of the week that its always released? Like does it have to be on a Tuesday
  7. Maybe tomorrow? Although it seems strange to have it released on the exact same date two years in a row. But who knows...
  8. That makes sense. But I am still going to die from anxiety.
  9. I think they send all letters in one day. Last year even most rejections had heard by now so I don't think it would be coming out today! Maybe tomorrow!!
  10. Very nervous heading into this week. Has anyone heard anything with regard to the date? I am now thinking maybe Tuesday as it was on a Tuesday last year.
  11. Any chance of tomorrow? Or do we think its early next week?
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