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  1. Does anyone know when we start getting from info about the school year from the College of Medicine? I would really like to know the schedules and things soon.
  2. Was wondering the same thing. I got a delivery notice from Canada Post two days ago, but haven’t heard anything from the CoM. I hope it is okay!
  3. Accepted to Regina! MCAT: 500 GPA: 87% Geography: Aboriginal (IP) Interview: Thought I bombed at first, thinking back it probably wasn’t as bad as I felt but definitely not my best performance. Excited to meet you all!
  4. Anyone know what time they start sending emails? And is there any particular order?
  5. Holding in there... trying not to get my hopes up!
  6. Aren’t you the same person who got their interview invite before everyone else?
  7. Anyone else receive an email about a final transcript for this semester sent to them by May 4th? I assume this is standard, but does it mean that we passed the interview or does everyone just get this email regardless?
  8. Did you guys ask your references? Or did they tell you? Not sure if I should send an email to ask my references or not.
  9. In the same boat guys. I am not sure if my references would even contact me to let me know - who knows! Keep us updated!
  10. Alright, cool. I also don't even know if my references would tell me if they have been contacted or not? Just going to try and stay calm lol
  11. Still nothing from mine. Trying not to read too far into it, but definitely making me nervous!
  12. Same MemUni. The longer this is taking the more dismal things are feeling. But I guess we are all in the same boat! Just sucks lol
  13. I am holding out hope for the March 1 rumour. Like everyone else said, March 6 is definitely the last possible date meaning there is a chance they will be sent earlier. I know in previous years they have sent it earlier than the date given by the admissions office.
  14. I would be really disappointed if this were the case, it doesn't really seem fair to make a large majority of people to wait, especially since many of us are probably not involved. I am just hoping they are getting all the administrative things done and then they will send them out. I have to start booking flights to other interviews, but really want to know from MUN first since it is my first choice. But again, everything is just speculation and all we can do is just check our emails like crazy until it happens! I hope you are all maintaining your sanity lol
  15. I second that @MemUni. Although it might be a long shot, I am really praying it is going to be this week!
  16. Same here. Honestly, even with the new SJT March 6 seems pretty late. More than four months to make decisions for the IP applicants!! Most other schools take about two months with more applicants (at least that is what I have read). Either way, I am probably just going stir crazy waiting for these emails too. My heart jumped out of my chest when I read that someone heard that decisions were made already. But, there is really no way to know I guess.
  17. Time Stamp: Feb. 5 2pm Result: Invite Interview Date: March 17 or 18th GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 500 ECs: Lots including volunteering with many different things, research abroad, varsity sports, Canada Games etc. Year: 1st year masters Geography: Aboriginal (OOP, but aboriginal candidates are considered IP) Good luck to all!
  18. That seems really late to me. It has been February for the past number of years and I don't see why it would be March this year. But, who knows!
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