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  1. I was number 5 on the waitlist and received an offer on June 4th, we originally had till the 8th to accept, however there was a glitch in the system and they extended the offer until the 11th. they might either be figuring out final numbers right now, or they have sent out another round of offers to people on the waitlist and they are waiting on their response. Last year once they hit the class size, kathy emailed everyone, so i would take it as a good sign you havent heard anyting yet! I hope you guys get in, i know the waiting game is very stressful! but try and keep busy! Goodluck!!
  2. Just got a call from Queens with an offer!!!! I was #5 on the list! Goodluck to everyone waiting to hear!!!
  3. Im #5 on the queens waitlist! Really hoping they dont send out 125 offers for the 74 spots!!! keeping my fingers crossed here!
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