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  1. If you have a 3.95xxxx, I believe you’ll be rounded to a 4.0 If you have 3.94xxxx, you’ll be rounded to a 3.9 Are you calculating it by averaging the total gpa of each year, or by adding every class up and then dividing by the # of credit hours?
  2. Anaik

    2019 Application

    I’m an NB resident, so we won’t be able to meet consistently, however we can certainly chat by other means or Skype throughout the application process!
  3. Anaik

    2019 Application

    I’m applying this coming year as well, I would be open to chatting with a potential (fingers crossed) classmate!
  4. They won’t look at it differently, they will simply just calculate your GPA depending on where you’re at in your degree. For example, if you’re applying during your degree they will take your GPA from 2nd and 3rd year combined. If finished your degree, they will take your best 3 of 4 years and calculate it. Having extra courses will only be a good thing if the extra course is a good mark to help compensate for a bad mark in another course. It can also be a bad thing if taking an extra course made your GPA go down.
  5. Anaik

    Does field of research matter?

    That’s good to hear! Thanks so for your input
  6. Hi there! I was wondering what the value of “non-medically related” research is like? Unfortunately the university I attend has very little health-research, so I’ve worked as a research assistant in two labs: one regarding conservation biology, and another regarding genetics in certain marine species. They were both great experiences, and while I I’ve learned a lot from them, I’m a little concerned that the nature of the research might make it much less appealing on an application as opposed to something related to human health. Thanks!
  7. I guess it depends on where you apply, but if you take nursing you may have to pick up some science classes for some med pre reqs. Nursing will prep you better for the medical field, the biology major will better prep you for the MCAT. Keep in mind, nursing will be a better fall-back option should you struggle to get into medicine. At the end of the day they both have advantages and disadvantages, you should really just pick what interests you most. You can never go wrong with that!
  8. Anaik

    NSERC USRA advice re: courses

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s a big deal! Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the transcripts they see the one you upload on the online NSERC application form? Maybe I’m thinking of another grant.
  9. I figured as much. Thanks for the response!
  10. Hey guys! I’ll be looking to apply to Dalhousie this summer, so I’ve been looking ahead at the application process (specifically the supplemental section). I’m just wondering if anyone knows how Dalhousie views physician shadowing, and whereabouts it goes on the supplemental form? I assume it goes under extra curriculars, but it just feels wrong to put it there because as they don’t ask for a verifier! Hope everyone does well on the interviews