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  1. So for dal you need to have completed your degree by the time you would start school. The application opens up around June-July I believe, so the earliest you could apply would be the summer after your third year, going into your 4th year. You are only disadvantaged if your 4th year ends up being your best year and would’ve boosted your gpa a bit.
  2. Once someone accepts a seat off of the WL it might take dal a few days to turnaround with the checklist. The deadline for registration also isn’t until August, so there’s a good chance that there’s people out there committed to dal that hasn’t registered yet. Not here to burst any bubbles, but just giving some information about what those numbers could mean. Good luck to anyone still waiting to hear back don’t lose hope!
  3. I encourage you both to take the time to look into the CMAs data on CARMS throughout the years. https://www.carms.ca/data-reports/r1-data-reports/ I also encourage you to talk to people from both programs, you’ll find both schools will give you adequate exposure to any field you want. For example, I know at dal you can set up shadowing outside of electives in any specialty no problem. I imagine Mac has something similar. The “less opportunity” at dal is not actually a disadvantage if you factor in the fact that there are less students, and there’s a good chance you may be the only student in your year spending time under a preceptor. It should all come down to the environment you want to be in and which program suits you best. The school won’t make you a better physician, but the effort you put in will.
  4. Only the two questions there, no additional essays. they do have the option for explanatory essays if you leave a section blank (ECs, volunteer, employment, or awards) but if you have entries there you won’t be prompted for them. The 250 word essay is only if you’re OOP.
  5. I on the other hand am hoping for blue or grey
  6. They really aren’t specific with their course load requirements, and given that a few paragraphs down they simply state “encourage students to pursue challenging courses” I wouldn’t worry too too much if you don’t have a ton of higher level courses @redefining.girl. I’ve never heard of this being a problem before, one of my friends (a current m2) did most of the courses for his minor in his 3rd year and hardly had any upper level courses as a result. If anything they’d just request that you submit a short essay explaining why, but I’ve never heard of this being an issue. I think the most important thing is maintaining a full course load. As I’m assuming you’re applying this upcoming cycle you can’t do anything about it now, just be sure to take 3rd/4th year courses in your final year! It’ll all workout
  7. Declined my spot at MUN for Dal. Goodluck to those on the waitlist!!
  8. Accepted! status: IP (NB) 4.0/517 lots of leadership (coaching, TA, president of student groups etc.) and some unique awards. Interview: all around I felt really great about it. Had a blast! Will update with more info later Also accepted at MUN, so got a decision to make! Leaning towards dal.
  9. I had a another dream that today was the day :p
  10. Yes, but we didn’t have covid circulating in October/November Yup, they are!
  11. Given the severity of the situation I wouldn’t be surprised if the letters were even released at like 3pm, I wouldn’t completely bank on it being in the morning! Plus based on an email someone got they seem to be working from home, just to add more irregularity to the mix haha
  12. In the same boat haha ^ I was so shocked that MUN got back to us before Dal, usually it’s the other way around (for NB/PEI anyway)
  13. Yeah my understanding is that it has to due with the “strength” of involvement. Like if you won a lot of metals as a varsity athlete vs just being on the team, published a paper rather than just worked in research, got recognition for community service rather than just volunteering, etc. Also if you worked a lot while in school you’ll get some of those points (as you probably couldn’t volunteer as much). Im not on admissions, but this is what one of the faculty members told us at their annual “Dal Med Admissions” presentation at my university
  14. From my understanding it’s due to excellence in a given area, including but not limited to athletics, research, extensive community involvement, leadership, etc.
  15. MUN released decisions for NB and PEI applicants, usually this happens after dal releases results. Here’s to hoping this puts more pressure on them to release results sooner! Hang in there everyone
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