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  1. Yeah it’s about 7-10% I believe! I wonder if it’s from the dal applicant pool, or everyone that wrote Casper that day? If it’s the latter than technically all dal applicants could meet the cutoff.. who knows haha
  2. Yup, they said a Provincial drivers license was fine to use as well
  3. Hey, check your junk folder! They send instructions if you receive an interview. It could be like that for everyone (invited and rejected) or it could mean you just have yet to receive it. also: for anyone who may not have a passport, a friend called adcoms and verified if a drivers license would suffice, and the answer was yes! If you have any questions regarding that definitely contact them.
  4. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!
  5. Interview invites are being sent out now, so maybe they happen concurrently?
  6. I had a dream last night that we got interview invites... And today it came true! gpa: 4.0/4.0 MCAT: 517 NB applicant
  7. Hmm, makes me think we may not hear about interviews until next week as well!
  8. Thanks! Here’s to hoping they’ve been sent
  9. Impatient! I just wish they’d tell us if we made the Casper cutoff or not haha.
  10. A friend of mine got an email from them in the middle of the night last night, so I would say so! Best of luck!
  11. NB applicant here! 4.2/4.3 gpa 517 MCAT Received an Interview Invite today at 1:12pm keep an eye on your emails everyone! You’re bound to hear something soon
  12. I hope so, I’ll have plenty of thanksgiving leftovers to look forward to, so if I don’t get an interview at least I’ll have that going for me
  13. I hear you! I wish they’d at least post our marks on the bell curve so we could see if we were above the cutoff haha. But hey, only one more hurdle after this if we made Casper cutoffs
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