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  1. Everyone’s different! For me it was to understand more about medical ethics, the pillars of medicine and social determinants of health. I then looked into current topics in medicine and discussed them with friends. Finally I did practice by myself and with friends and tried to be consistent with the whole 2 minutes to read, 8 minutes to talk ordeal. If you’re not familiar with MMIs, I’d say look into the format of it first before delving into what I said above!
  2. Yes, but I remember they use to advertise contacting verifiers in Feb and that’s what it’s been in the past, it’s the timing that’s throwing me off not the selection of activities haha! Who knows.
  3. I was always told they verify after Christmas! Maybe this is a good sign that results will be released very early on in March..
  4. Nothing that I’m aware of, I’ll ask around. Was it via email?
  5. The truth is no matter if you think you nailed it on some stations or did very poorly on some stations it doesn’t matter. The way we judge ourselves versus how others judge ourselves is totally different. Interviewers are all different people who will inevitably judge you different than you will judge yourself. While I think some self reflection is good, thinking about things further won’t change what they put on the sheet. Make a list of what you need to improve on if things don’t workout, and worry about tackling it if the time comes again! Fold that list up, put it at the bottom of your closet and don’t check it until results come out. Doing the whole “could of, should of, would of” in your head will in no way help, and will only stress you out further. Plus who the f*%k walks out of an MMI and thinks “haha, nailed it”?? I’ll be honest here, I think the majority of people applying to medicine are much harder on themselves than your average human. Feeling like you’re in a race with everyone else applying, how can you not? It’s so easy to compare yourself to others and feel like you should be doing better. Keep that in mind if you’re feeling upset about your answers, what might’ve been poor in your self-critical eyes may have been excellent in the eyes of your interviewer. The amount of friends I’ve had that walk out of there and begin convincing themselves they bombed it only to get accepted is absurd. Now whether it’s a normal part of the process or I’m naturally drawn to neurotic people is a different questions haha! Now for things you should do: -be proud of yourself! Getting an interview and getting through it is no easy feat. It means you are worthy of being there, and even if you didn’t get an acceptance just going through the process once is huge. -Relax! You don’t have to study for an mcat, prep for Casper or an interview. You literally have time to pursue hobbies, be social or binge watch the office. Whatever works for you. -Focus on other aspects of your application you can control! If you’re still in school, focus on keeping a good GPA. Or look into other activities you’re interested in pursuing. -Reward yourself! Again, you made it to and through and MMI. Go celebrate with friends, go on that trip you’ve been wanting to, get that new guitar, buy a box of lindor chocolates and watch Christmas movies, etc. Whatever is feasible for you! Go easy on yourself, it’ll all workout in the end
  6. There were 1-2 MMI stations I feel ambivalent about, the rest were fine! Had a blast with the traditional interview, SJT is a stupid test and I’m not going to try to guess how I did on it.
  7. My guess is you were a dependent student and are not considered IP. You would need to live in Halifax for 12 months, and as such you would not be considered IP for next years cycle I believe? Someone correct me if I’m wrong! Best bet is to email them or call to verify
  8. Yeah it’s about 7-10% I believe! I wonder if it’s from the dal applicant pool, or everyone that wrote Casper that day? If it’s the latter than technically all dal applicants could meet the cutoff.. who knows haha
  9. Yup, they said a Provincial drivers license was fine to use as well
  10. Hey, check your junk folder! They send instructions if you receive an interview. It could be like that for everyone (invited and rejected) or it could mean you just have yet to receive it. also: for anyone who may not have a passport, a friend called adcoms and verified if a drivers license would suffice, and the answer was yes! If you have any questions regarding that definitely contact them.
  11. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!
  12. Interview invites are being sent out now, so maybe they happen concurrently?
  13. I had a dream last night that we got interview invites... And today it came true! gpa: 4.0/4.0 MCAT: 517 NB applicant
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