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  1. Well, looks like it's just a blind waiting game for OT then. Good luck to you!!
  2. Hey! I'm waitlisted for Queens OT. I'm just wondering how you found out what spot you are on the waitlist. In the email they sent for OT, they basically said that they are unable to provide any information about our ranking and that we will be contacted if a spot opens up. Just wondering if OT and PT are different regarding knowing where you are on the waitlist.
  3. Applied: OT --> Queens, UofT, Western, McMaster Accepted: UofT Waitlisted: Queens, Western Rejected: McMaster (Initially got on interview waitlist) GPA: c-gpa: 3.2, s-gpa: 3.65 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I have worked as a lifeguard and swimming instructor for the past 6 years. It has exposed me to many different populations and I have gotten the chance to work with individuals of varying ages and abilities. I also did a placement at a school that has therapeutic programming (OT and PT), for children with various intellectual and physical abilities. Throughout the year that I was there, I developed a program plan, for a specific area of need, for a child at this school. I have gotten the chance to shadow an OT in a school setting and was also able to do a placement at a private clinic that does OT for children. I got an academic reference from a professor that I had 3 times, and was my supervisor during my placement at the OT private clinic. My professional reference was from the OT I was working under during that placement. I feel like my essays, experience and exposure to OT helped with my application, as my GPA is on the lower side compared to many people on this forum. Do not let a lower GPA stop you from applying!! I was certain that I would not get accepted, and would need to go back and take some courses to boost my GPA. It does not hurt to try if it is what you really want to do! Good luck to everyone now, and future applicants!
  4. I got the waitlist email on Monday as well! Just like everyone, I feel like it's a long shot, but all we can do is wait. Best of luck to everyone!
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