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  1. she passed written first time and practical second time. No she said on her first clincal fail she messed on some safety aspect
  2. meeting the cutoff doesn't really mean much. It just means that your application will be considered for next step in their assessment.
  3. damn nice! you just got off the waitlist? they told us the class was full like week ago with 69 student
  4. Did they tell people their waitlist position last year?
  5. Kathy being gone? I think everybody currently in the program received email/instruction from Kathy. I don't think she is gone.
  6. yep I didn't read before. As the guy above said, DAL seems to have a stricter policy on background check so it makes sense
  7. btw isn't the normal steps for getting an admission: 1) recommendation by the school of OT/PT to grad school 2) graduate school makes a decision 3) A letter sent out so if you got the letter already, then there should be nothing to worry about. EDIT: different school different rules i guess
  8. lol i get that, I worry too much too but if they were to reject you they would've done it earlier. The fact that you haven't heard anything is still good news
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