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  1. oui, cest exact. Felicitations, tu rentrera surement cette annee!
  2. quelqu'un sait jusqu'a quel rang la LA est allee pour les universitaires les annees precedentes?
  3. Faut se rappeler qu'il n'y a pas de bonnes ni de mauvaises réponses alors c'est vraiment difficile de voir si une question est "difficile" ou "facile", d'autant plus qu'on c'est pas ce que le comité recherche exactement..
  4. j'ai aussi oublie de dire que moi, j'lai deja faait moi choix subsequent puis dans mon centre etudiant, il apparait a la fin de la liste et contient le chiffre #4, tandis que les autres choix apparaissent dans mon ordre de preference avec les bon chiffre (# 1, 2 3) !
  5. je suis pas mal sure que l'ordre devient ACD. Le choix subsequent est en choix supplemetaire aux choix deja mentiones, donc il serait logique qu'il vienne apres les choix choisis au tout debut
  6. Salut tout le monde! Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrez me donner des examples d'engagement personnel qu'ont pourrait mettre dans le 3ieme tableau nomme "activites sociales, sportives..." dans le CV pour l'universite laval? Tout a quoi je pense n'a pas de reponses pour la colonne a gauche "organisme". Si par example on dit qu'on joue d'un instrument de musique, on ecrit quoi alors dans la colonne organisme??
  7. i thinnk those who did well are simply more likely to post on the forum cz by looking at the scale distribution, it seems average to me.
  8. Hey there, I dont think anyone here can for sure tell u if u will get an acceptance anywhere but from looking at ur DAT scores, I have to say that a retake is definitely necessary for both US and Aust. schools. I think that the US has a higher standard for canadians so ur 16 PAT will defintiely not fly there. As for australia, when i called to check the average DAT AA/PAT scores accepted canadians have, I was told the avergaes hover around 20/21 ... You can try taking the US DAT cz ur offered more choices as to the date u can take it instead of having to wait several months before u can take the Canadian one again in Nov., especially since both US and Australian schools (+ some canadian ones) accept the US DAT so ur not losing anything with a retake! Oh and for ur GPA, i think its competitive for both countries so with a retake, u should be good. Goood luck!
  9. Wow they came earlier this year! Have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised (put the difference between Feb and Nov score in parentheses for anyone's interest) BIO: 23 (-4) CHEM: 26 (+6) AA: 23 (+1) PAT: 20 (+3) RC: 21 (+2)
  10. Thanks for contributing your point of view! In you opinion, what is a dental degree worth, in terms of money? I mean what's the maximum cost/debt you would say is reasonable for this career? I think for a lot of us who ask ourselves these questions about debt are those who are looking for options outside of Canada where the tuition is quite high. So although none of us here want to get indebted, it seems like the only option when committed to dentistry. Anyways for me it feels like that since I don't really have a plan B for it and can't seem to find any other careers I might enjoy as much...
  11. Just checked Minerva and got refused Thought i did pretty well on the MMI, so kinda disappointed. Oh well..
  12. i have no idea how they didivided up the applicants. i asked an accepted applicant wat letter their last name start with but they didnt answer... but it is a possibility since my last name starts with a letter thats towards the end of the alphabet. U havent heard either have u? is ur last name also towards the end as well?
  13. FYI, i just called McGill and they said that decisions are being sent out in 3 batches: monday, tuesday and wednesday. So all of u who already heard back from them, ur very lucky. Some of us here are still waiting and will possibly have to wait til tomorrow
  14. same with me, im gonna call admissions tomorrow to ask them just in case!
  15. only 1 person from this entire thread from what i recall hahaha
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