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  1. Were you the sole author on the paper as a medical student? Did you get it published in a Pubmed-indexed journal?
  2. Do you have a specific topic in mind? If you have a specific topic in mind, consider sending an email to someone in the field and express your interest in writing a literature review with them. If they agree, share with them an outline of the paper. Then put it together and you two can go back and forth on edits.
  3. How do you know I don't have much previous research experience? I've held many different research positions, from basic science, to translational, to clinical. Unfortunately, not all my experiences were as fruitful, publications-wise . Not all my papers were case reports and review articles . On the contrary, I have many on-going original research projects - these take a long time to put together. I personally think if someone is self-motivated, he or she can publish many review articles and/or case reports. You just need to sit down and write. Review articles and case reports have an important place in academia. I'll politely disagree. During my research fellowship I had the pleasant good fortune to interact with social psychologists, epidemiologists, statisticians, researchers from other field, etc. I also had the chance to attend many different research seminars. Furthermore, we are very fortunate in 2018 to have access to unlimited information. I love epidemiology and statistics - I asked our research staff if they recommend me any good statistical books to read. I read and I learned. If I had any questions I would ask the staff. If an individual is intrinsically motivated, they can learn a lot, and quite fast! Academia is an afterthought? What do you mean! Dermatology is a rapidly evolving field. We have the great pleasure of sharing management with many other providers such as hematologists, allergists, rheumatologists, pathologists, radio-oncologists, etc... Furthermore, the advent of biologics has been one of the major advancements in medicine and has substantially improved patient outcomes. Add teledermatology and targeted melanoma treatment to the list, major advancements in dermatology are already present and on-going. Don't forget the recent advancements in cosmetic dermatology, which is only a small percentage of what a dermatologist does. ---- Let me add, @ZBL, that I understand your concerns, but for a different reason. I think these one-year research fellowships, even though I completed one, can be detrimental for other reasons. If you are interested, I published in JAMA why people completing one-year research fellowships shouldn't necessarily be looked upon more favorably than those that didn't: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamadermatology/article-abstract/2635347?redirect=true
  4. In the US, 50% of students interested in Dermatology take research years. Unfortunately, my program was not too supportive. They discouraged I take the year. I had to be quite pushy. On the contrary, the lab I was part of was brilliant. It's one of the top dermatology programs in the US. My supervisor has 850+ publications. It was a super productive year, I published nearly 20 manuscripts, wrote many grants, and wrote IRB protocols while recruiting patients for a multitude of studies. Msc is good, but this "research fellowship" experience gave me a chance to see how academic dermatology is. If I am fortunate enough to match into dermatology, which I really hope I do, I'll be able to continue with my research. Five years is a lot, and now that I have a strong research background, I can hopefully publish a lot during my residency years.
  5. Medical students in the US commonly take "research years" between their third and fourth year. Most commonly, such students are eyeing competitive residencies such as dermatology or ophthalmology. I published a manuscript exploring this concept in JAMA Dermatology a couple months ago - if you're interested: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamadermatology/article-abstract/2635347 COI: I'm from Canada and I took a research year in the US between my third and fourth year.
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