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  1. medreamer

    Science prerequisites from Cegep

    I only went with Vanier because Dawson was offering all science classes at the exact same time (at night only), while Vanier has classes during the day, but yeah now seeing the difference in price, I'm a little upset :/ but I also wanted to improve my sgpa for the next cycle so I didn't have a choice but it's definitely weird that both cegeps aren't charging the same
  2. medreamer

    Science prerequisites from Cegep

    I'm not retaking them because they're expired, but to improve my grades
  3. medreamer

    Science prerequisites from Cegep

    Ohhh okay.. that's what I was expecting as well! It's crazy to pay $420 for one cegep course. Do you think Vanier and Dawson may be different ? When I went to inquire about this, I was told that the Ministry only subsidizes the course the first time you take it, and you have to pay the full amount because its ur choice to retake it for a better grade. But it's weird because I was pretty sure about people paying less than $200 at Dawson when taking it the second time. I think I'll go ask again, because I'm not born in Canada but I did provide them with everything and I've done my entire schooling here.
  4. medreamer

    Science prerequisites from Cegep

    Yes I'm taking two and the total amount comes to $840 !
  5. Hi guys! I’m retaking some of my science prereqs at Vanier this summer and each class is costing me over $400 as I’m being charged $5 per course hour instead of the $2 I was expecting. The reason for this is because I’ve already taken the class at a different Cégep... has anyone else dealt with a similar situation? I thought redoing the classes at a Cegep was supposed to be the cheaper option.. please let me know if there’s anything that can be done. thank you!
  6. Yes! You just email them
  7. Hey guys, This year was my first year applying to McGill and fortunately I got an interview for DMD, but was refused post-interview. I asked for my ranking and it's very clear that my science prereqs were the reason for refusal because my interview ranking was fairly high. But I also got to see my pre-interview rankings and I can see that I barely made it for the interview in the first place. So.. now im a little scared i wont get an interview next year... Can any re-applicants give some insights on what they did to improve their application? Im already planning on redoing my science classes this summer, and will be taking additional undergrad classes to boost my gpa further. What else could I do in terms of ECs? Does volunteering in a dental clinic help? I was sure my CV and personal statement were pretty good, but my ranking for those wasn't great either.. although my CV is already pretty full but with a lot of things unrelated to dent.. Any help would be appreciated thank you!!
  8. Date limite c'est le 15 mars, alors je pense que c'est correct si tu le fais en février ! Vue que l'examen est le 16 février et que ça prend environ 1 mois pour avoir les résultats, tu devrais être correct...
  9. Anyone taking the TFI test in February? Took the test in 2016 and it seems like the format has changed.. can someone confirm? thank you!
  10. Hey guys, For those of you who took the DAT in February 2018 and applied to McGill for admission in Fall 2019, on Minerva have they received your DAT score? Mine still says Items outstanding and the only thing missing is the DAT score.. I'm starting to get worried... Thanks
  11. medreamer

    CASPer/Interview/Application prep group

    i'm interested as well!!
  12. medreamer

    Science prereqs

    Perfect! Thank you I just have one more question.. do they also look at the science prereqs individually? Or is it just an overall science GPA? So for example, in that case, let's say I only redo some classes that I did 'more bad' in, get a better grade, which then balance out with the other not-so-bad ones and bring the GPA up, instead of redoing all?
  13. medreamer

    Science prereqs

    I have emailed many different people actually.. most haven't got back to me. One advisor just answered me today, saying that special students cannot take 200-level Science courses due to crowding. And, exactly! That's why I decided to write here on this forum... how is it possible that no one has previously inquired about taking courses without being admitted in an undergrad program? Also, I'm not sure exactly where I'd have to go to ask someone about this? Even when I call, I don't get a straight answer, or am transferred to someone else who tells me to call somewhere else. Yes, it makes no sense at all! But I have a feeling that since taking Organic chem 1 (CHEM 221) at Concordia alone does not equal McGIll OG chem 1, you'd have to do both CHEM 221 and 222 to satisfy that one class. By 'overwrite', do you mean that the old grades will replaced completely and won't appear on the transcript? Or that med admissions will only look at the second (hopefully better) grade? Thank you for answering nonetheless:)
  14. medreamer

    Science prereqs

    Thanks for answering! I took a look at the link, but there are no equivalencies for the courses I need to take. The course codes above (BIOL 200, BIOL 201, PHGY 209, CHEM 212) are McGill classes. For example, as you can see on the chart, Organic chem at Concordia (CHEM 221) is not equal to McGill's CHEM 212. Similarly, the other courses do not even appear on the chart, because they aren't equivalent.
  15. medreamer

    Science prereqs

    Hi everyone! Just like most of you, I want to pursue medicine after my undergrad. But I need your help and some kind of guidance. I've called McGill so many times and never seem to get any help... :/ Anyways a little bit about myself.. I finished CEGEP in Health Sciences but my grades were not that great (29.7 r score). Instead of following the common route, and doing a science bachelors, I wanted to try something different and am now doing my undergrad in Accounting at Concordia. Since I do not have any science courses right now, I wanted to take the four recommended courses on McGill's website as my electives. These four courses are mammalian physiology (PHGY 209), cell biology (BIOL 201), molecular biology (BIOL 200), and organic chem (CHEM 212). After speaking to advisors from McGill, I learnt that it is not possible to take these courses and have them count as electives towards my Concordia degree. I then inquired about simply taking them as an independent student part-time concurrently with my studies at Concordia. When I called the Cont. Ed department at McGill, they said they do not offer science courses. I don't know what to do.. I've taken the seven basic science courses in Cegep, and therefore "qualify" to take the 4 courses, and have whichever set of classes is most favourable to me, count. But another issue is that these courses at Concordia are not considered equivalent according to McGill's course equivalency system, except for cell bio. Does anyone know if anyone has done this before? And if so, how? I simply want to take these four courses at McGill while I continue full-time at Concordia. If this isn't possible, where else are these four courses offered (that would be equal to McGill standards)? If not, should i redo the seven courses I did at cegep... maybe at dawson night classes? And if i redo my cegep classes, will the new marks completely replace the old marks? Thank you for reading any help is appreciated.