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  1. Who is in their mid to late thirties only starting an undergrad or not quite there yet?
  2. If I get in ill be in my forties.. all in good time friends
  3. How is McGill perceived in terms of its psych residency program?
  4. Is their a ranking system for residency programs such as psychiatry like the US for Canadian schools?
  5. Hi! Are there any other non traditional applicants who are in their late thirties/forties?
  6. Has anyone managed to get into med with a Life science degree from the above?
  7. what is the typical workload like as this is a three-year program?
  8. To current psych residents what's your experience with the program offered at u of c so far. Would you say the psychotherapy training would be of a high standard? Thanks
  9. Has anyone graduated from. Athabasca and was successful in their application? I'm in a psychology program and I wonder if it is possible or is it all a dream?
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