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  1. Hi, could I please also be added to this facebook group? I am a second year U of T dental student living downtown looking to sublet my apartment for the summer.
  2. Hi, could I please also be added to this facebook group? I am a second year U of T dental student living downtown looking to sublet my apartment for the summer.
  3. Just declined my UBC offer for U of T! Congrats to those who were accepted, and waitlisters should be expecting some movement very soon!
  4. Alright, I've been accepted to UBC and U of T. Looking for some serious information to help me make an informed decision. Can anyone else add to this thread to help a lost student out?
  5. Highly appreciated! Thanks so much for the input. Will have to start making some decisions soon.
  6. Accepted woohoooooo!! OOP AA 21 PAT 19 3.93 Went with a very relaxed approach to the interview and it must have really helped. This was my third year of applying, and all I can say is NEVER GIVE UP and DREAMS DO COME TRUE! Congratulations to all accepted, and good luck to all future applicants. YOU CAN DO IT.
  7. Did anyone else feel like it was extremely informal and relaxed? I thought it was nice, but also pretty anti-climatic after what I was expecting from U of T. I felt like my answers were lame, and nothing super original, which I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. I also felt like there was barely any time for them to really get to know me!
  8. I had approximately these stats and got an interview at UBC and U of T so far!
  9. Just received my email... unfortunate rejection but I still have a chance with U of T and UBC. Just received my email so it should be coming any time now.
  10. Has anyone still not heard anything back? Just got refusal email: 10:30 EST OOP 3.95, biology degree EC: lots of volunteering, employment, 2 school teams, dental shadowing CASPer: went well enough to get interview for UBC Seems like the OOP caliber is ridiculous this year! Lots of rejects with outstanding applications.
  11. Planning ahead... UBC interview: Feb 23/24 McGill interview: Feb 22 How are we supposed to do this? (assuming one gets both interviews) Anyone else in the same position potentially having to both, or will we have to choose? Is it possible to fly out of Montreal after the interview right to BC and has anyone been in this situation in previous years? Appreciate any feedback out there!
  12. Invite OOP GPA 91.9% PAT: 19 AA: 21 Shocked with my low DAT scores but woohoo!
  13. Invite OOP GPA: 3.93 DAT: AA 21 PAT: 19 Anyone know how many people app. are invited from IP and OOP?
  14. Hey I applied yesterday and have not received my email. How long did it take before you received yours?
  15. Can someone explain why there is a boost for students born in 1995? Or is this a joke?
  16. I have a bunch of questions regarding the Dalhousie Application. Is the entire application due December 1 (including supporting documents)? On the login it says that we have to submit a personal statement, left/right hand form, CPR etc. but there is no mention of this online. Is this old or do we still have to submit it? For the application, the only documents we have to submit are the 2 supplementary forms. Is this correct? And how are we supposed to submit these forms? By mail? Thanks for the help!
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