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  1. You're right! My apologies, I'm not sure why my brain went immediately to UBC haha.
  2. I looked at the reference form again just to make sure and here's what it says: "By submitting this reference, I verify that the applicant has completed at least 70 hours of interactive, in-person and hands-on experience with individuals with disabilities by the date shown below. I further verify that I am in a supervising position in the above named organization, and am not related to the client(s) the applicant has volunteered or worked with." Megs, you may want to call and double check!
  3. If this is for UBC, I don't think the referee can be related to the client you've volunteered with.
  4. Applied (OT): UAlberta, UBC, Queen's, McGill, UWO Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA: cGPA: 3.28ish, sGPA: 3.53ish, UBC average: 82.53%Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references:
  5. UBC seems to be the only school that offers an MOT versus an MScOT degree. I was just wondering if anyone knows if there's any discernible difference?
  6. Honestly, as harsh as this may sound, my best advice is to try and be realistic with yourself. I applied last year with a false sense of confidence and was quite upset when I was rejected from both schools that I applied for, but after some self-reflection, it isn't all that surprising. With how competitive admissions are your GPA has to be well above what schools consider their minimum to apply. As for the academic references, I believe there are exceptions at some schools for requiring academic references if you've been out of school for so many years. Although I would definitely double check this information! If you end up needing academic references try setting up face-to-face meetings with profs you've had a few classes with, it may help jog their memory. The CASPer test can't really be studied for per se, but there are some resources available online to read over that may be helpful. I've found really good threads on a website that starts with "R" and sounds like "flebbit" (the actual word was deleted) that had some great information! Also, if you're specifically interested in OT at UBC don't forget about the min. 70 hours of volunteer experience that they require! The whole application process can seem very intimidating, but if you're really passionate about pursuing OT as a career then it's worth a shot! Good luck!
  7. Here's what I found: - McMaster and Western don't require references. - Queen's requires 1 academic reference and 1 academic OR professional reference. - UofT requires 1 academic and 1 professional reference (although the information on their website seems to complicate this a bit). - Clinical references are only required for audiology and SLP. So it seems UofT is the only school in which you might have a bit of wiggle room. I think it would be in your best interest to try and get an academic reference, from what I understand schools like to have an idea of how potential students will perform both academically and professionally. Perhaps you could set up a time with one of your professors and meet with them? It's nice for them to be able to put a face to the name and to get to know you a bit, especially if you plan on asking for a reference. I hope this has helped! Good luck!
  8. This is for OT, but when I called UBC the admissions coordinator said that they expect the CASPER requirement to bring down the GPA cut-off a bit.
  9. UBC is based on your average, so you just add together your % for all 300 and 400 level courses and then divide by however many. I think this admissions cycle they're looking at your last 15 300 and 400 level courses. ORPAS is a bit more complicated and uses GPA. I've found this website to be really helpful: https://www.whatsmygpa.ca/
  10. Hey! I just spoke to someone in the OT department at UBC because I found the wording on their website kind of confusing, but he clarified it's the average they're looking at. I have a 65% in a 300 level course and thought I was ineligible, but that's not the case! Also, it's changed around a bit this year, they're looking at your last 15 300/400 level courses for the admissions average.
  11. Hey everyone! I've been strategizing where I should apply to this year and I can't decide if it's worth the money to apply to UBC for OT. Averaging all of my 300 and 400 level courses I have an 81.94% (to be exact). What do you think?
  12. mccannjx01

    GPA for 2019 admission

    I would say for OT somewhere between a 3.7-3.8 sGPA would be considered competitive. I applied to Queen's and UofT last admission cycle and was rejected from both. My sGPA was a 3.53 and my cGPA was a 3.28.
  13. Hey! I'm just wondering if anyone is taking the online physiology and/or anatomy at Dal. I'm taking physiology right now and thought it might be nice to connect with someone who is in the same boat!
  14. mccannjx01

    PHYL 1000 Dalhousie

    Hey! Did you end up taking this course? If so, how did it go?
  15. Hey everyone! I was skimming through job boards and came across a few OT listings from the US where they advertise tuition reimbursement as part of their hiring package, one was up to 35k! Does anyone know of any sort of tuition reimbursement programs for OT/PT in Canada? Or, do you think Canadian applicants would be eligible for tuition reimbursement for jobs in the US?