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  1. I can't believe I'm actually posting this!!! Time Stamp: 4:43 PM (Eastern Time) Result: Accepted!!!! Geography: OOP GPA: 3.90 (as per UofC, last year of my second undergrad) MCAT: 509 (129 CARS) Degree: Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Journalism (from Brazil, graduated in 2009) E.C: hospital and hospice volunteering, research, clinical experience as a nursing student, shadowing docs in the ICU, leadership as a student advocate. Interview: Prepared thoroughly with a coach, as this was my first interview and I didn't know what to expect. Really loved the experience, even though the lead up was stressful. Met great people, got opportunities to talk about my background and my reasons to become a doctor. I felt like my values really jammed well with UofC's, so I'm so happy to learn that they felt the same way! Congratulations to everyone who got accepted today! I have already accepted my offer, so hope to see some of you on July 3rd! For those who don't make it this turn, don't give up! This is my second time applying, I'm a mature, non-traditional applicant, also an immigrant, and wrote the MCAT twice. Just keep pushing! You already gained so much experience this cycle, no matter what! It will happen for you too!!
  2. AVM

    MMI Prep Ottawa

    Hey! I’m interested! I’m in Ottawa and can meet in person on campus! Will PM you!
  3. Soooo happy! Second year applying (first time applying to UofC), and only interview invite from 6 schools this year. So, really putting all my might into this one!! Status: Invite Time Stamp: 05/02/2019 17:22 Location: OOP GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 509 (129 cars) Academic: BA in Communications (2009), currently in last year of BScNursing. EC's: Non traditional, mature student, public health research in Brazil, student advocacy, social justice initiatives, clinical volunteering, clinical placements in nursing, shadowing in ICU. Congratulations to all who got an invitation today!! Enjoy the thrill! If you didn’t, please don’t be discouraged!! I’ve definitely been in your shoes (5 times this year alone). It will come in due time! Medicine is a calling, so don’t give up - ever!
  4. Time Stamp: 2:29 PM Invite/Reject: Reject GPA: 3.87 (OMSAS) CARS: 128 Casper: I guess not good enough. Geography: IP
  5. Oh! My Dal rejection came SUPER fast! LOL I had to apply before I knew my MCAT scores, and ended up not meeting their cut offs... SIGH
  6. Me... but hopes are low. I think it's rejection coming.
  7. AVM


    Thank you so much! That is definitely encouraging!! Congrats on that CARS score by the way!! WOW!
  8. AVM

    McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

    Hey everyone! Has anybody started a McMaster MD Invites/Regrets 2019 thread yet? Thanks!
  9. OP applicant here! Best of luck to everyone! :)
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    Thank you so much for your amazing help!!
  11. AVM


    This is such great advice! Thank you so, so much!! Just the thought that it is doable gives me so much hope! My plan is to study again once I'm done my undegrad, starting next May. Hopefully what I already learned last time will give me a better starting point this year. Just because you seem so knowledgeable about all this, would you know where I can find a good tutor? As I mentioned, I'm in Ontario. Will be in Ottawa next Spring/Summer. Also, thanks for the free material tips. I do not have lots of money to spend right now, so will probably focus the little I have on a tutor. I did use Khan Academy a lot last time. But will check out UWorld and TPR. Thanks again!!
  12. AVM


    Thank you so much for your insight! So, would you say it is possible to raise my CHEM/PHYS with tutoring and self-study alone for 3 months? I'm afraid I'm underestimating how difficult this can be, and should just bite the bullet and take the courses. However, I'm older in the game and don't want to be in school for 2 more years! What would you say? Thanks again!
  13. Hi everyone! I was hoping to get some of thoughts on my situation. I am non-traditional student, finishing my second undergrad in Nursing in Toronto. My first undergrad is from my home country, in Journalism. I did not take any of the MCAT recommended courses (e.g. Biochem, Orgo, Physics). However, in Nursing I did get some Biology, lots of Psychology and a bit of Genetics in. My overall cGPA is 3.84-3.87 (still waiting for this year's official OMSAS calculation). I took the MCAT for the first time in 2017, focusing on CARS exclusively, as Mac is my top choice. My scores were: Phys/Chem 121, CARS 129, Bio 125, Psyc/Soc 128, Total: 503. I applied to Mac only, and did not get an interview last year. Then, this year, I decided to apply broadly. I studied for the MCAT on my own, using Princeton Review and Next Step + AAMC official tests. Although I still didn't have a background in the hardcore sciences, I felt like I learned a lot in 3 months of studying. I was also doing research abroad at the same time as studying, which hindered my focus a bit. Anyway, in the end, my new MCAT scores are: Phys/Chem 124, CARS 128, Bio 127, Psyc/Soc 130, Total: 509. My thoughts are: 1) S***, my CARS score dropeed 1 point! 2) No school would ever invite someone with 124 on CHem/Phys for an interview. Nonetheless, I ended up applying to Mac, Queens, Calgary, Alberta and MUN. Already got a rejection from MUN. Finally, my questions: 1) Should I retake the MCAT for the third time, trying for at least a 125-126 on Chem/Phys and to bring my CARS back up? 2) If I did, how much of a difference would it actually make on my application? 3) And how do I go about actually learning more Chem/Phys without having taken the courses? Would a test company course help me? For a fuller picture: I have extensive ECs, from work, research, volunteer, leadership and clinical experience as a nursing student. I'm also an Ontario resident. I appreciate your thoughts on this pickle of a situation! Thank you so much!
  14. Hey everyone! I applied last year and didn't get an interview. Then, I retook the MCAT to improve my overall score. It worked, BUT my CARS dropped 1 point. :,( So, for this application cycle I have: IP GPA: 3.87 (I think, but still waiting for the official OMSAS calculation. If they would account for only my current UG, it would be around 3.95, but I have another UG and independent courses along the way) CARS: 128 Casper: I think it went okay, but given that I didn't even get waitlisted last year with a 129 CARS, I feel like I'm probably not great at this test. Not a social pariah or sociopath by any means though. Actually, a nursing student with plenty of love and empathy in my heart! LOL I'm also a non-traditional student, previous journalist, turned nursing student, turned pre-med, newcomer to Canada from South America. I wish Mac would live up to their self-proclaimed "holistic" approach to selecting candidates. Anyway, I digress... Would anybody care to share their thoughts on my chances for an interview invite this year? Thank you!!
  15. AVM

    McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

    Sorry, posted twice by mistake! Time stamp: 3:01 PM Invite/Reject: Reject (MD) GPA: 3.84 (UG - 3rd year) CARS: 129 Casper: felt good at the time, but doubted my answers in hindsight. So, really not sure! IP *Feeling pretty sad. I thought I had a decent shot at an interview. Trying to think of what to improve for next cycle. If you have any ideas, let me know! :,( **CONGRATS to all who got an interview!! Make the most of it!