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  1. Hi! Current UBC MOT student here. There will be a Facebook page of which we will invite accepted students in due time. Please be patient, it will come in the summer
  2. I was sent my interview offer Feb 27 last year. Good luck!
  3. I applied last year and was accepted and they had mentioned to us that to get an interview for our cohort the cutoff was 84%. That being said, the GPA average for interview offers totally depends on the applicant pool. I'd suggest taking a few courses to boost your GPA if your heart is set on UBC.
  4. Hi! I applied last year and was able to submit my application and then add documents later (such as my statement of intent). It's best to give your references lots of time! After searching the webpage I found this: 8. UPLOAD STATEMENT OF INTENT Maximum 500-word statement of intent detailing why you wish to study and practice Occupational Therapy, and summarizing the attributes you have to offer the profession. Please note that the new online application system will allow documents to be uploaded onto your application after the application has been submitted. You have until the application deadline to submit all of your documents. All of the information can be found here: https://osot.ubc.ca/prospective-students/application-procedures/ Best of luck!!
  5. I couldn’t find the page either. The link on the email sent from the department sends me directly to the 2019 group. Glad I’m not the only one who can’t find it!
  6. I received my letter of acceptance this morning but will be declining. I have already accepted a seat at UBC so someone from the wait list should be getting an offer. I’m from BC and my gpa was 3.9
  7. I just received my invite this afternoon as well. My GPA is 92% and I am a resident of BC. Good luck to everyone interviewing and to those of you who will be applying again next year!
  8. Maybe.. has anyone sent an email to anyone at the uni to inquire?
  9. Getting so antsy each day that passes by without an email! Good luck to everyone!!
  10. TobaOTHopeful: I do also have extra spaces to upload degree certificates/translations. On their website or FAQ somewhere they had stated that only if the degree was taken/granted in a language other than English that we needed to upload for those.
  11. Applied: UBC & U of A OT Accepted: UBC, U of A (declined offer) Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: 92% or 3.94/4.0 (Unsure about this sgpa/cgpa but these are both the calculated GPA for my application based on each institution's requirements) Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: 2+ years of work experience with special needs children - collaborated with an OT who provided me with various OT techniques to use with the children, volunteer & paid research experience @ university, work reference letters from respected non-profit organization.
  12. Hey guys, So I submitted my application earlier this month so that my references had plenty of time to submit their letters. Now, I am submitting the remained of my documents to the application portal (department checklist, CV, letter of intent form). I noticed that after the institutions there are 4 "department check" spots to attach documents. I'm assuming that is where we upload our additional documents? Does anyone know why there are 4 spaces when we only need to upload 3 additional documents? Is that last spot from CASPer even though we are not required to submit any document for that? I hope that this makes sense to someone... Hope everyone did well on the CASPer
  13. Hello! I have applied to the UBC MOT program and submitted my application but have yet to upload my LOI. I can confirm that you can upload it (and any other transcripts) after you submit it your application. Once you submit your application, you can "review" or "manage" it. Reviewing simply allows you to read through your application. If you click on "manage" you are given the option to choose from "references" or "documents". In the references section, you can see who you have sent the request to and if they have sent their reference in yet. In the documents section, it lists all of the documents you have uploaded and gives you the option to upload again. I hope that this helps. I was really freaked out submitting it without an LOI too, but everything is working fine!
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