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  1. I’m a Canadian citizen. I’m currently doing my second bachelors in biochemistry. Will finish in two years. first undergrad-2.5 cgpa thus far for my second undergrad is 3.3 cgpa.. and two more years I can get my yearly gpa as a 4.0. low marks were a result of serious conditions at home. ill be moving to the USA this fall, and don’t mind redoing years and adding extra undergraduate years to apply to medical schools. Is there a way I can step out of my past and get what I want to achieve? I do know my cousin in the us medical school said us schools do consider an upward trend? thanks
  2. i was wondering if anyone got an interview --conditional on one year GPA?
  3. hi for non-trad applicants with a second degree? anyone here applying expecting a conditional offer? also, how many times did you write the mcat? does it matter if you write it multiple times?
  4. hi So, I had to take a trip to India for family purposes, unplanned. However, during my time there, I recruited a few children (given how there is so much poverty in India) from my neighborhood and taught them math and English for free for 2-3 hours/day for 10 days. I was deeply touched by the kids' desire to learn, and saddened by the lack of people willing to offer their time and efforts. Even the schools they go to, under-equipped. I realized that the teachers of these kids lack a basic motivation and a desire to help them succeed. These kids were primarily the kids of the women who work underpaid jobs. I taught basic math and algebra to some keeners and helped them read and pronounce and enunciate. I just hope these kids will one day be properly guided. However, going there made me feel grateful to good mentors here (some and not all). My question is, since I didn't volunteer with an organization, is this worth mentioning in my application?
  5. do people get accepted to MD/PhD with a conditional acceptance? IS that even a possibility?
  6. yea, please do not mass email profs...when you sincerely read upon a prof's research interest, make sure it resonates with you before emailing. Also, if you are really interested in a specific research topic, it will translate through with a sincere email. Also, read up some of the publications and mention that your interests line up with the work the PI's conducting. Sometimes, profs even get back to you apologizing or referring you to other profs if they are full or not taking any students. Also, try and follow up your email with a phone call at least 2-3 days after. In addition, sometimes, volunteer work may seem tedious, but sometimes you can actually end up working on a project given the level of interest and enthusiasm you show- and there is also the possibility of getting a paper published (depending on many factors, obvi). However, in other cases, if you are paid, you may be only asked to help around and not contribute significantly, and not get a paper under your name. So, do not feel bogged down by the fact that you are not getting paid. You always need to take the first step.
  7. here is my story i completed my first undergrad in 2017 , ended with a B GPA. I have research experiences, leadership, volunteering, etc. started a second undergraduate degree in 2017 right after ,and did one year of psychology, and switched to bch 2017-2018--psychology --(b+) gpa 2018-2019--switched to biochem---(b+)gpa--predicted 2019-2020-- 2020-2021 basically, I have had a complicated life due to my mother's health and me being the eldest. I have two years to graduate my second undergrad degree in BCH, for which i need to pull my life together. Do you think that western will consider my application given my serious crazy history of undergraduate years at all given i do well 2019-2020 and apply and finish after 2020-2021 year? My MCAT is to be written this summer...
  8. I was once told by a potential PI that if I express interest in research, medical schools would not appreciate it because there are hardly any MDs with basic labs, although he himself had his very own basic lab. He also said that I should not be interested in pursuing a specialty because more than 60% of the graduating class becomes family docs. SO I feel that I didn’t quite get the direction I had wanted, or a clear reasoning concerning why I shouldn’t pursue my passions. I am interested in researching heart failure at the genomics level, or something along the lines of physiology. Also, is it possible to pursue basic lab research in med school and residency with hopes of pursuing it alongside a career as a surgeon, etc? DO you guys know of anyone?
  9. One of the doctors who is currently in her 40s apparently received a gold medal in medicine when she was in med school about 15 years ago. DO they still give medals and honour graduating medical students in medical schools anymore?
  10. does western take a look at the courses tat you have taken? I finished my first degree in bio, and I am trying to do my second degree in Psychology, and am taking certain courses from BIO and a minor Health Sciences. Does western look at your transcript and question your choice of courses? as in why are you taking courses in Psych, Bio and Health Sciences? I do have answers if they ask, but does it stand out as negative?
  11. on a side note, do you all think this will have an impact on conditional acceptance? Or will conditional be left as it is?
  12. is it possible that this (ECs consideration) in any way will impact conditional acceptances?
  13. has anyone here received a scholarship from western for medical school? No other university offers one for medical school right? when i looked at the scholarship's page, it says that student must demonstrate financial need...technically almost all students are in need of financial assistance because everyone takes out a LOC, and has OSAP debt...so how is it actually determined who receives the scholarship? The website isn't entirely clear.
  14. hi i was wondering if anyone here got accepted into the MD/PhD program and what your application was like? What kind of research etc,? Also, can people who are gambling on conditional offers apply for MD/PhD? or does it not make sense? Also, the program asks for a transcript? Is that to look at the courses taken that pertain to research? Also, can someone who say got accepted to the MD program, can they switch to the MD/PhD program say after second year or so? any information would be really appreciated! thanks in advance!
  15. western apparently only looks at the GPA (2yr or conditional above 3.7) and whether or not the MCAT cutoffs have been met along with a decent EC sketch, when deciding applicants to invite for interviews. My question is, there are about >3000 applicants to western med, surely all of those applying meet cutoffs for the GPA and MCAT. then why is it that only around ~300 get interviews if only two factors (and decent ECs) are considered? Because obviously a lot of people are rejected. From a few people i have personally spoken to, they apparently met the cutoffs but were rejected? Can someone please explain?
  16. I never knew that western offered a scholarship until today... Has anyone here gotten it in the past? It states that a student must demonstrate financial need, isn't everyone like paying med school with loans?
  17. I am having a bit of trouble finding a good research project/position. I applied to this one prof who studied heart failure, he called me in for a meeting, however, after he looked at my CV (right during the meeting) he was confused that I am enrolled in a second degree in Psychology and want to pursue heart/biological research. He did not think this would be good for the medical school admission given that I seem to be scatter minded in terms of my interests? Can I not take psychology and still be interested in heart failure, etc? However, my main problem is that many profs have told me in the past that they don't really want to offer me a summer position or a summer/fall position if I am interested in medical school, because the research will be a distraction to me, and I will make my marks suffer and potentially even the project I may be given. How have others found such good research positions and have also stayed long enough for sound publications? I am really interested in researching about the heart, but I am doing my second degree obviously because I do not have a good first degree GPA, so I can't really apply to NSERC, etc. Is research basically out of my grasp at this point? Sometimes I am confused as to what I like, the brain or the heart... I am just getting annoyed after being told by multiple PIs that research related to the heart is probably not the best thing if I am in psychology. Is that just a different way of saying that they would prefer another student? Also, a lot of professors only want students who are interested in honours or grad school. One more thing, I am also planning to write my MCAT this summer. Should I only focus on the course, and not worry about research? I like research, and I really want to do it and have some sound publications. Some advice would be really appreciated.
  18. hi I think that UofT medical school accepts academic explanation essays in addition to having a WGPA? Is this true? If so, does Western Accept it at all?
  19. hmm, that is an interesting perspective from a supervisor's point of view, to think that a student might consider the prof/supervisor's work less important than his/her interest to join the lab--I don't think a student will ever think that. Can't it be possible that that student did consider you too busy to read and respond and consider and wanted to see you in person so that you get a chance to see the student and see what they are excited about? I am obviously only talking from my feelings right now... Yes, I am a bit impatient, but it is because this is the season for apps to research positions. But I was thinking that it is possible that the email has fallen in some attention cracks? It is just that I am really passionate about this specific topic after doing a class research project on it. But I guess it is better to reach around for similar research topics of professors.
  20. Hi I am not in the prof's course, he only teaches masters students and PhD type research, and hence I will not be able to talk to him for course based material at all. What I meant was that should I drop over to his office and see if he is available and if so discuss my interest? Like you mentioned, if he is not available, then I can ask to book another time? He hasn't gotten back yet, and it has been 5 days. I emailed Thursday. I also sent a follow up email. SO, I am not sure if he is busy and hasn't gotten around to checking his emails, or he is not replying. I mean, he could've just emailed and said a no. Because he hasn't replied, i am debating going and seeing him? His lab is at the hospital, so I would have to go out of my way to meet him. If you had a student who showed similar interest: sent an email, followed up with another email, and potentially showed up to the office given that it is completely out of the way ( I have to take a different bus altogether, it is the east part of the city), how would you feel about the student's desire to improve and do something significant despite a bad past ?
  21. I know that some people kinda approach the prof's office hours to discuss their interest in research. Although the prof i applied to only teaches medical students, should I try and attempt to do it? Or should i just be patient and wait? Also, given that this prof may turn me down, do you think it would make sense to approach the profs offcie hours directly, for other profs? And some who do research in addition to being doctors have administrators, should i approach them instead of simply emaling? This would indciate a stronger interest from my part, right? Sorry for the list of questions... and thanks for the help
  22. yeah , i emailed the prof with my CV and my transcripts, and wrote a few sentences about what i hope to achieve through my second degree and research involvement, gave a sentence about the bad marks. However, he hasn't gotten back to me yet. So, I think it is probably a no.
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