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  1. You will almost certainly be screened out with a 124 in CARS, unfortunately.
  2. Step 1: A GPA cutoff is determined. All those below the GPA cutoff are cut. All those above proceed to step 2. Step 2: An MCAT cutoff (subsection and composite score) is determined. All those below the MCAT cutoffs are cut. All those above proceed to step 3. Step 3: Reference letters and ABS are assessed. A score is assigned to each student's GPA, MCAT, ref letters, and sketch. The students with the top 500 (ish) overall scores will be invited for an interview. The rest are cut.
  3. I got in with a GPA in the 3.6-3.7 range (graduate pool). Haven't heard of people with GPAs lower than that though.
  4. This person is either not being truthful or belongs to a special applicant pool (e.g. Indigenous).
  5. Interviewees tend to be very poor judges of how their own MMI went. I would not use self-reports of the interviewees to conclude that "MMI doesn't seem to matter as much".
  6. You should understand that this probably comes off as offensive both to those who chose to attend Qmed and to those who truly do want to attend the school but aren't accepted.
  7. No. The out-of-the-box questions are really what the MMI is for. The panel is really for them to get to know who you are in a more direct, personal way.
  8. For what it's worth, those of us who were waitlisted for interviews but eventually got one last cycle actually received the same rejection email as everyone else on Jan 31, and then we were eventually surprised by emails/phone calls letting us know that we were on the waitlist and a spot had opened up, in the weeks that followed. No idea if they've changed how they're doing it for this year, though. I went from getting a rejection email to getting an interview off the waitlist to being accepted, though, so it definitely is possible.
  9. I was on the waitlist last year, and unfortunately did not end up getting an interview, but I know that several other people did. Good luck!
  10. Right, and I got an interview with a 3.70 wGPA (3.40 cGPA), so if GPA does count towards the interview selection formula, it probably doesn't count for much.
  11. I agree that GPA and MCAT thresholds are used as cuts in the first of several sequential steps, and I agree that after the interview it's clear that only ABS, LOR, and interview scores matter. But what I'm saying is that in addition to being used as cuts, I think that GPA and MCAT scores are also built into the formula (along with LOR and ABS) that determines which 500 of the 2000 get an interview.
  12. Are you quite sure about this? The website states that "Based on GPA, MCAT, Sketch and Reference Letter scores, a rank order list is generated. Approximately 500 of the top ranking applicants are invited to come to Queen’s for an interview". This leads me to think that GPA and MCAT are used not just as cutoffs but also competitively, i.e. a score (perhaps a z-score) is assigned to your GPA and to your mcat and that is used as part of the formula for the selection of those 500 who are interviewed.
  13. This is not true. 90% of seats at McMaster are reserved for Ontario residents. Ottawa doesn't reserve seats but the cutoffs vary depending on your location.
  14. Result: Accepted Time stamp: 8:43am EST cGPA: 3.4 (wGPA 3.7) MCAT: 517 ECs: Pretty unique, I think (PM for more info) Interview: Panel was great, MMI was NOT (or at least didn't FEEL) great. Year: Graduate degree, been working for a few years. Geography: IP
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