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  1. @calcan thank you for your detailed reply; I was exactly looking for that kind of guidance.
  2. Hey @Bambi thanks for your reply; it's definitely encouraging! Just to ask you about assesment; is WES only one that is acceptable for assessment of the degrees or others are acceptable too? I have previous assessments from IQAS Canada and ECE USA. Are those acceptable to Canadian med schools? I got those previously for my engineering license. Another question is about pre-requisites; I'm working full time in USA and have family to feed. Do Canadian institutes accept pre-requisites taken online and is it advisable to take those online courses? like Chem I and II and etc.
  3. I am an electrical engineer with seveteen years of power sytem design experience and currently employed as an electrical engineer in USA. I am a Canadian with international education in electrical engineering. My major was power and my experience is all about working with substation design and engineering. I had a very rewarding career throughout my academics as well as through employers. I was 1st class 1st position holder (93% marks) in engineering, gold medal for presenting my final year work, several other awards. I passed my engineering in Sep-1999 and then started my engineering career in Jan-2000 and was named best employee of the year for 2001 and 2002 consecutively. I moved to Canada in 2006 and then got several awards with different engineering employers. Now, I have decided to change my profession and want to go to med school and wish to be a doctor. I don't know how hard it is to get in my foot but need someone to advise me what should be the first step towards that. Also, someone to give me an honest opinion that would it be impossible at the age of 43 to make this transition (considering age and process of med school). Please mention what and how should i proceed for this goal.
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