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  1. I'm rank #20 OOP and I'm not feeling hopeful considering there are only 11 spots. Things might be different this year and this isn't meant to break anyone's spirits, but historically 19-25 people (both OOP and IP) declined their offer On page 32 https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2020_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
  2. I'm rank #20 on the waitlist OOP. i'm surprised they even extended it this far, and I'm not very hopeful. But congratulations! I'm interested to hear how much the waitlist moves in previous years too.
  3. Waitlisted too! Any idea how much the waitlist moves for OOP?
  4. According to their email it says this: "We will be tallying interview results and comparing these with our in-person interview performance to ensure that all of the same metrics are being used and there is no discrepancy between the evaluation of in-person and video interviews." There are way too many inherent differences between this interview and the in-person to be comparable- the time of the interview is less than half of the in-person, there are no follow-up/guiding questions, recording ourselves enables the possibility of people re-recording or getting help from friends, etc. I am really concerned of how unfair this could be for the applicant process and they could've been more compromising with live interviews for example.
  5. They could’ve easily did more to prevent cheating. Like having us upload an hour+ long video of our entire interaction, and space out our interview responses overtime. But I guess it’s not worth their memory space
  6. Anyone heard from UofT about testing out the technology tomorrow? I was expecting an email back today but haven't received anything. I'm in a different time zone so I don't want to accidentally sleep in on the opportunity
  7. hey! i was locked out of my original account (MCatt), so I just made a new one and unfortunately lost everyone who contacted me about prepping MMI's early There actually is a FB group, but it's not really active at the moment. It usually gets busy when interviews are out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/310025279516123/ I would be happy to start prepping now! pm'd you
  8. I can’t guarantee but I really doubt they would ask us questions about the healthcare system, especially not how it works in the US, since it’s only 30min long and the focus should be on dentistry
  9. Literally winging not sure how to solve this, just a candidate. Interested in learning how but anyone correct me if I'm wrong and add ideas. I would first figure out the reason why she didn't seek dental care for her child. Then suggest ways of addressing different reasons. Maybe her child's pain went away in the week that has gone and she decided it wasn't worth the cost to have her child seen. If this was the case I would reinforce the importance of having her child see the dentist because there could be some underlying harm that would need immediate attention. Mention there are time sensitive issues with tooth decay. If she delays treatment further, the decay may spread so that the child would need a more invasive and expensive treatment, such as a root canal, over cavity fillings. Another possible reason is that she can't afford treatment, which is why she may be looking for a dentist accepting monthly payment installations. This is unfortunate because dentists have a conflict between advocating for their patients and running their own business so there is not much a dentist can do about changing their costs besides delaying billing. This is where we mention any resources we can offer? like does she qualify for certain dental grants available through the government. Or if she has looked into purchasing health insurance plans. While reasserting the importance and time sensitive need for her child to see a dentist. ??? seems pretty bare anyone like to add
  10. Can anyone at least tell us the question types to expect for this dental MMI?? Medical MMI interviews can include anything in addition to basic case-scenario questions like role-playing, quotes, pictures/videos. This would seem pretty extreme for UofT to include these without giving us a heads up. Is it safe to say that we'll only be asked case-scenario questions?
  11. Invite IP GPA: 3.97 (Master's) DAT: AA 24 PAT: 20 Congrats and good luck!
  12. Can anyone tell us about the format of the MMI? ie. amount of minutes we have to read the prompt, and the amount of time we have to respond, how many prompts.. I know we probably don't know yet but incase someone does this would be helpful to start preparing early. I'll try to contact next week.
  13. I agree, you can tell the PAT was a lot harder this test. 20 for example is the 72nd percentile in feb and the 82nd percentile in nov.
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