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  1. I would also apply to Calgary! They only look at the CARS section too!
  2. Personally, I would email the admissions office since this is an easy thing to clarify. But generally based on the language of "most recent two full-time years" that suggests that if you have two years with at least 3 courses each term they should count. I think the statement @xiphoid is for individuals who have no full-time years. It's a clarification that you don't need it, but if you are part-time you will have to use your cGPA
  3. QuARMS is not being totally axed. They're changing the program to accept people after second year university. The details are still being finalized but it will exist to some degree it seems
  4. I got tons of low 80s in courses and still got into med school. My cGPA was around a 3.83 and that was without doing a masters or weighting. Most schools will re-weight your gpa and drop your lowest marks. You should be fine
  5. I got into Queen's with a 3.83, you're totally fine
  6. This is all Queen's says so you may want to email them directly. "Applicants who have completed a graduate degree and are slightly below the GPA minimum score will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Admissions Committee. Graduate applicants are however required to meet the minimum MCAT score."
  7. The class size is actually 105. 100 spots for domestic students and then 5 additional spots for international student. So I'm not sure if the 104 would include deferrals.
  8. I got into Queen's with a 3.83 GPA just as some perspective but the higher the better because the cutoff is said to change from year to year. They also lower the GPA cutoff if you're applying with a Graduate Degree.
  9. All schools generally look for the CanMed competencies since it's sort of a universal indicator of being successful in the profession. In terms of anything else, I've always thought you can tell what different schools value based on what their pre-interview criteria are and the format of their interviews. For example, McMaster only looks at CARS, Casper and have an MMI meaning they care about critical thinking skills. Queen's has a big focus on ECs pre-interview and have an MMI and panel meaning they seem to care about social skills and experiences. It's not perfect, and people can debate it, but it's the best way I could think of examining it.
  10. Yup! Was initially waitlisted but then was part of the first round of waitlist offers!
  11. I got off the waitlist and I didn't see my SOLUS status change at all
  12. Just as a bit of perspective, I applied to both UBC and Queen's this year. According to UBC, they considered my ECs to be below average with a score of around 20/50, however the same extracurriculars got me an interview at Queen's so it's honestly a bit of a toss up!
  13. All Ontario Med schools release their results on May 8th. So if you've received an interview you will get a final acceptance, waitlist, or rejection at that time.
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