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  1. My time stamp was 9:59AM PST. I was also an MD only applicant, OOP, graduate stream. Met all the cutoffs but had a relatively low GPA, I suppose!
  2. Hi everyone, I did not fill out the rural section of the application. In reading the OAS information, it states that I should be selecting N/A for the Prince George site. I have had several people, however, tell me that I should select "4" instead of "N/A" because I am happy to study in any of the sites. Does anyone have any advice on how this could affect my application? I don't want to look like I can't read instructions, but I would also be extremely grateful for admittance to any of the 4 sites. Thanks so much!
  3. If you are in BC- I took the course at Langara! It was offered online and only costed approx $250 The reason you would need to be in BC, however, is because the final exam is in-person.
  4. Early applicant here. 10:38am has come and gone with no news. UBC is trolling us for sure!
  5. I'm also going to be away from internet for awhile tomorrow, just hoping the notifications go out before my flight aha Last year there were still plenty of slots left at the end of the day, as there aren't usually thaaaaat many early applicants.
  6. Unfortunately, it requires internet access. A new tab called "interview" appears in your OAS where you are able to select a date and time from the remaining time slots. It shows how many people have signed up for each day and time. Also, you are given the site preference form to fill out, and a huge page of things to read about how interview day works, what you need to bring, and what has to be completed beforehand.
  7. If anyone is neurotically checking the OAS like myself, the loading time slows down significantly before the waves of emails are released... So that can be a stressful indicator of what is to come ahaha
  8. UBC, please just let me study for finals in peace. So sorry to those who already got disappointing news this morning
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