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  1. Just checking that we didn't need a criminal records check at this time? My friend in nursing had to get one done, and it made me wonder if thats something we needed to submit already #momentofpanic
  2. Thanks so much!! I guess I've only given it the "3 business days" as stated in their email before I started thinking that I'd sone something wrong aha
  3. Hey! I submitted my documentation to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC last week, and have not gotten any confirmation or change in document status. Just wondering how long it took for everyones notarized documents to show up as accepted on their account, or if anyone received a confirmation email? Thanks so much!
  4. Just FYI for those in Vancouver. Kamran Aleem at Scotiabank helped me with my LOC and he was really really helpful! I had a ton of questions, and he answered everything really clearly, and had lots of good suggestions for the future.
  5. My MCAT was a 517 with a 128 in CARS, if I remember correctly! My ECs included 3 publications (1 1st author, 1 2nd author), 10 conference presentations, 5 years of research work (including my Masters thesis), international sports competitions, hospital volunteer work, TA jobs, etc. I did a lot of rewrites on my entries to make them describe how I felt and what I learnt.
  6. I did my undergraduate degree over 5 years because I was working full time and could only take 4 courses per term. I had an academic explanation for some lower grades in second year. I also completed a masters and took a few GPA boosting undergraduate classes after graduating from my undergrad. I was accepted this year with a GPA in the low 80s and extensive ECs that definitely carried my score. I don't think that the time over which my schooling spanned had any affect on my acceptance, but the ECs I gained during the process definitely did. If I were you, I would take some GPA boosters to try and increase your AQ score while continuing to enrich your NAQ section. Basically, I think that if you have the opportunity to pick up some extra courses, it could only help your chances! Good luck
  7. Also just wondering... Does anyone know when we find out about entrance scholarships, or the Doctors of BC scholarship? Now that I'm thinking about tuition costs lol
  8. I've been taking advantage of the research done by our predecessors and peers on the LOC forum thread. I am going to go with Scotiabank, and have been in contact with an extremely helpful representative from my local branch. I've been wanting to switch banks for a long time so I will be able to open new chequing/savings accounts with Scoita at the time of getting approved for my LOC. I wanted to get the process rolling early because I don't know what my eligibility will be for any grants, bursaries, or student loans... And I cannot afford the tuition with what is currently in my bank account!
  9. Thanks for alerting us of this! I wanted to apply for my LOC aha Mine has also become available, and I previously had a UBC CWL and student number.
  10. I know one person that was accepted to a different site, and then was accepted off the waitlist to VFMP on the second round offers. In case that helps anyone in their analysis of the process!
  11. Oh that could explain it. I am also faculty of medicine staff. Looks like the second year class will be planning some open air events for us (in line with provincial health guidelines)! I can't wait to meet everyone!
  12. Anyone with a CWL already can check entrada for updates about our cohort and general information about medical school in 2020. I have not received any emails, though.
  13. Does anyone know when we find out? I am so excited about the backpacks aha. I hope we can actually go in to pick them up, and not need to just have them mailed to us!!!
  14. I'm also an incoming VFMP and will be living in Kits!
  15. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if any current students had any input on what stethoscopes to purchase for the UBC medical program? From what I've heard, both the Littmann Classic III and the Littmann Cardiology IV are acceptable. Any input on which one will serve us best? Thanks so much.
  16. Result: Accepted VFMP!!!!! It was my first choice Geography: IP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 10:55 AM AGPA: 84% EC's - Diverse with heavy emphasis on research. International sport and long term commitment to that sport through teaching and competition. Undergraduate research with 2 poster/podium presentations and a second author publication. Research based masters that resulted in 1 1st author publication and approx 12 poster/podium presentation. TA position for 1 year. Research tech position at UBC for 2 years that resulted in 2 publications and posters. Reconcilliation work with First Nations communities. I worked hardest on writing these to showcase what I learnt and contributed to each. MCAT: 517 Interview: I felt pretty unsure about 1 station, but great about the others. I was unfortunately recovering from an injury that day, and not feeling my best, but interview day went really really well! I feel so so so lucky to have been accepted, and cannot wait to meet my classmates (from 6ft apart, of course!)
  17. I’m IP, last name at the start of the alphabet, and no news. I’m going for a run ahaha
  18. congratulations!!! i’m sure that some even better news will arrive in the coming weeks.
  19. So sorry to hear about your disappointing results- I’m sure they will be different next time!!! I had expected to be waiting until much later in the day. Suddenly up and making a panic coffee because i perfected homemade cold brew during the waiting period ahaha
  20. wait, they’ve started sending decisions before 8am??? they haven’t even posted the statistics document yet!!! unprecedented times, we are in.
  21. The email and its subject line both contain the decision!
  22. Productivity is at an all time low as I optimistically (naively) await an email today aha
  23. ahahaha OK, at this point we need someone with a CWL that can relay the entrada updates to us. Because shoutout to the person that posted a screenshot earlier!
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