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  1. Oh this is a little late, but did anyone have their cGPA not show up (even though all documents are in, as shown on BearTracks) and email them about it and not get a response? Little bit worried here...
  2. I saw a few other posts about this in this thread, but I didn't understand the answers. Are we being emailed about interviews or does the notification show up somewhere? On beartracks I just get the message that "This application requires action" because they're asking for my transcripts by June 2018.
  3. So close... it's literally just my second year grades bringing me down, which is unfortunate. Every year other than that was solid. I might do a 5th year or a masters!
  4. TIME STAMP: 8:12PM (EST), 12/4/2017 Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA (if applicable): 81.74 MCAT: 513 ECs: Founded national non-profit organization (still running); long-term volunteering with campus response team, university orientation, senior home, hospital interpreter, children reading programs; worked at medical testing lab; competitive soccer; competitive dance; salsa dancing; organized volunteer trip; started national fundraiser series (still running); internships in research and non-profits; etc Current Degree: 4th year Geography: IP NAQ: 33.66 AQ: 17.19 TFR: 50.85
  5. Most schools have released their interview dates (not decisions) at this point, but I haven't been able to find Ottawa's. Has anyone been able to find these dates? Any idea if the dates will be released prior to decisions?
  6. Trying to study for finals but every time my phone vibrates I stop breathing
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