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  1. this_process_is_death

    UBC Post Interview Impressions.

    In theory, they could do all the things they did pre-interview. However, I haven’t heard of anyone having verifiers/references contacted post-interview. It seems like NAQs aren’t assessed as rigorously as they are pre-interview.
  2. this_process_is_death

    UBC Post Interview Impressions.

    If I’m lucky enough to receive an acceptance I will definitely take the summer off, see friends and family, focus on some R&R before school starts. If not, I’ll kee working throughout the summer
  3. this_process_is_death

    UBC Post Interview Impressions.

    Usually yes. But in 2015 UBC released before OMSAS. Hoping it’ll be the same this year
  4. this_process_is_death

    UBC Post Interview Impressions.

    I’m expecting an email today with the notification and I think it’ll be a May 10 D-day. At least that’s how it’s been historically, but we never know with this cycle
  5. this_process_is_death

    GPA calculation

    Number of credits affects the gpa calculation for UBC. eg: a grade in a 4 credit course is worth twice as much as the same grade in a 2 credit course
  6. You’re misunderstanding, I think. My understanding that it’s number of credits that matter, rather than the number of years.
  7. this_process_is_death


    Does it matter if you’re IP/OOP for the md-phd pool?
  8. this_process_is_death

    M.D., C.M. Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted - Fall 2019 Admission

    This person knows what's good
  9. this_process_is_death

    When to take the MCAT?

    Usually UBC will state on their website what the latest MCAT you can take (it’s usually around August 24-25). That being said, it’s likely more spots will open up around you for these dates or for slightly different dates that meet UBC’s deadline. Moreover, some people end up cancelling/rescheduling, so keep checking the MCAT registration page to make sure you snag one of those spots. I was in a similar position last year and I ended up registering in mid-May. PM me if you need more info I hope that helps!
  10. this_process_is_death

    Final Transcript Submission

    I think this is only if you get accepted
  11. this_process_is_death

    Proof of Citizenship

    A bit. But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes your stronger, am i right? *chuckles nervously*
  12. this_process_is_death

    Proof of Citizenship

    Sup! I had an above average interview, ~31 AQ and ~42 NAQ. My MCAT was 510ish last cycle. I rewrote this year and got a 522 so here’s hoping the med school gods will be merciful this time around.
  13. this_process_is_death

    Proof of Citizenship

    We will get an email mid-April telling us when D-day will be. Judging from past cycles it seems to be the 2nd friday of May, so the 8th. However, that seems a bit early. Whatever date they decide, *usually* rejections come out ~10am, then waitlists ~11:30, then offers ~ noon.
  14. this_process_is_death

    Proof of Citizenship

    I’m just shook by this thread lol I genuinely cannot tell what’s serious and what isn’t
  15. this_process_is_death

    Proof of Citizenship

    I don’t think there’s cause for concern. Like I have no idea why PoC garnered so much attention this year... Still 8-9 more weeks of Shrodinger cat-like uncertainty