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  1. For those who paid with certified cheques, has your deposit status on OAS updated to "received"?
  2. TIME STAMP: 12:25pm pst Acceptance/Waitlist/Rejection: ACCEPTED VFMP!!! (1st choice) AGPA: 90 MCAT: 512 (127/127/129/129) ECs: Nothing spectacular. Added events from personal/family life that have really shaped who I am and what kind of doctor I want to be. Geography: IP Interview: 2nd time interviewing at UBC. Felt much more comfortable than last year, but still there were about 4-5 stations I agonized over for months (not a healthy habit and we shouldn't do this to ourselves but oh well.. ) This year has been one of much uncertainty, hopefulness, hopelessness, frustration, and battery of every other humanly possible emotion we go through in this process... I am so grateful for & humbled by this acceptance. I scored below average interview last cycle at UBC, so I really focused on trying to improve on that starting May 2017 when I received my rejection. I made changes, albeit small, to my daily routine (eg podcast for morning commute) and found ways to take better care of myself emotionally and physically, which helped me stay positive and confident throughout these gruelling months. For those who received rejections and others who will be applying this upcoming cycle, if you ever need any support or have any questions, I'd love to help out wherever I can. I had lots of support from friends as well as total strangers I met on premed 101 who offered their time & insight for like nothing in return, so I promised myself I'd pass it on when I get in. Shoot me a PM! I would be more than happy to share tips for interviews/app writing. See you guys in August!!
  3. I haven't applied to UofA in teh past and am not too familiar with its app process, but thinking about applying next year as OOP. I am just curious about the difference in mean GPA between C2020 and C2021 for non-Albertans. That drop from 3.98 and 3.86 for OOP is remarkable.. Was there a change in how UofA calculates the GPA (ie worst year no longer removed.. etc) last year?
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