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  1. Yeah they sent out a second email with some details. I've attached it below.
  2. Sample image that UBC just sent out of the new score reporting system
  3. Thanks! I'll update once I get the scores. OAS isn't loading right now
  4. UBC actually doesn't have any pre-interview cutoffs beyond the 75/85 and minimum MCAT. They'll give a score out of 50 for AQ and NAQ , and if the sum of these two scores meets the interview cut-off score, you'll receive an interview.
  5. might be a little angry right now as I got regrets also but how the f is that possible UBC??? I understand standardizing against the applicant pool, but there's no way that standardization alone account for that
  6. Had the same thing happen last year. NAQ dropped 8 points. Went up 0.5pts this year despite adding new activities, more hours and leadership roles
  7. Combination of previous year's trends and the fact that round numbers make us feel nice
  8. I'd say if we haven't heard by 6 Edit: last year I got the email at 5:22 pst, don't remember when OAS was updated
  9. Pretty sure that's a troll because my last year's app says "Regrets, No Interview" not "Regrets, Not Interviewed". Last year's app also has it in a custom styled table
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