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  1. Just had 2 (that I know of) receive emails this Sunday
  2. I've always split different roles into different activities, even if in the same organization. For example, I've been involved with a charity as a volunteer, executive member, and president. In my NAQ section, I split these into 3 activities just because the role and responsibilities are so drastically different between each position. Regarding your older highschool entry, that makes it a tougher decision. I think its important to choose the activities that describe you best as the applicant you are right now. Personally, I would get rid of the highschool activity in favour of the newer activities, simply because it doesn't best represent you as the the person you are currently. Just my thoughts!
  3. Same. Went from ~32.5 last year to ~23.5 this year, despite adding activities and add another year of experience to the old ones. Tough pill to swallow.