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  1. Hi there, I come from an engineering background so I am inexperienced with studying for non-math type courses. When you study more memorization-type classes, would you recommended reading the textbook that the lecture notes refer to? Or do you think that is a waste of time and generally only study from the lecture notes?
  2. Heh, I think he may be referring to my poorly phrased title that can be misconstrued to mean to immediately donate organs rather than to sign up for a donors list... Regardless, I think it's a really personal choice and I can see why people will choose not to do it.
  3. epyfathom

    Be a Donor!

    There's now a website for Ontarians to register to be a organ donor! I just signed up, but recently some people have been telling stories of doctors, let's say, not doing their best to save one's life because of it. What do you guys think and are you going to sign up? http://beadonor.ca/watch
  4. wow i never knew that 95% of chinese people are lactose intolerant... but i drink so much milk.. if i don't experience any of the symptoms of it.. is it any concern for me?
  5. walk to remember juno resident evil 1 spirited away endless waltz inside man
  6. Sucks that god gave girls ability to do it many times while guys can only do it once... sigh.... makes you rethink some things don't it.
  7. 1) Happyness! 2) Make a difference in this world
  8. haha these were better http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32242
  9. wow never knew they were non-recyclable. i prefer mickey d's coffee though... it tastes better and you get more.
  10. on a side note... has anyone seen the show Hopkins? its a semi documentary following doctors around the hospital. you can tell lots of parts are really acted out like when some patients were laughing through the lines they were given... but i really enjoyed it, but i'm wondering how real does it portray real life.
  11. On the western schulich site it says: two of these years must be spent in full-time study (September to April) in which the minimum of five full or equivalent courses (30 credit hours) have been taken concurrently. According to my calendar (http://www.ryerson.ca/calendar/2009-2010/pg1074.html ) for 3rd semester, I would have 27 credit hours. I just want to confirm if this is correct... because then i have almost the required amount of hours in one semester? I'm asking because I'm dropped a course first semester, and was wondering if i should take 6 courses next semester... i.e if I dont take 6 courses, would they count this year.. Thanks.
  12. queens/western takes best/last 2 years.. so i think ur 3.9 holds up. btw how was working at mcmurray?... im guessing ur a chem?
  13. I'd do it. Make sure u know the rules to actually get the ip status.
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