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  1. I told Scotia, and they said they would try, and sent some document in with the request. Haven't heard back on whether it is happening.
  2. Any sources on Scotia matching? I'm meeting to sign my LOC tomorrow, so if this is an option I should bring it up. Edit: I just did the math and the 0.05% only comes out to 50 bucks a year on 100,000. It may not be worth the hassle of renegotiating.
  3. Mine came out about 500 bucks less than expected, but nothing like that...
  4. The person I'm currently speaking to isn't on that list, but I believe I got to them through a referral from that list. They seem to know their stuff. I also spoke to someone who was on the list but didn't seem to understand my questions. Can you send me the details that you would send to someone who was purchasing the plan from you so I can make sure there are no contradictions?
  5. I just spoke with someone from Scotia who said basically that this is the normal procedure when the whole plan is set up from the beginning, but that they can alternatively set it up to manually waive the fees each year (which would give the bonus points). They said if they did this and then left the branch they can't guarantee the next person would waive the fees. @ScotiabankMedsAdvisor @ScotiabankMedsAdvisorLOC @GTA Scotiabank Med Advisor Can you clarify what is going on here? I'm pretty lost. Can you give a complete run-down of the plan as it should be, including cards, bonus points, how long you have to pay it off, grace period, conversion to professional LOC, and all other details? It's crazy that people are getting such different responses depending on their advisor.
  6. Comprehensible

    White coat ceremony

    Damn. My friend is getting married on the 1st.
  7. Welp that's concerning. I was trying to put together a really quick estimate of my total debt load (ignoring interest) after 4 years, which is when this came up. i think it was the long form? It asked me about my savings etc.
  8. Sorry to resurrect a dead discussion, but I'm a little confused about this. I was trying to figure out OSAP, and went into the estimator to try to figure out what I will get in my second year of med school, considering the fact that I will have all my income from my 4th year of undergrad + summer work. The first time I did it, I forgot to put my money earned in, so I went back and re-did it, adding about $20k in income. The automated number it spit out didn't change. Is the estimator just bad?
  9. Also are you talking about applying for grants through your school, or are there random ones online to apply for too?
  10. I just tried to look for a general Canadian medical student housing FB page so I don't forget in 2 years and didn't see one. Is this school specific?
  11. Comprehensible

    Blacked out Med bags

    I'm super excited for Ottawa, but a little sad I don't get a red bag (favourite colour lol). Is there any difference between the 2021 and 2022 bags, or will they not be following the different colour each year theme?
  12. I had a 132, but still felt uncertain on a fair number of questions. It don't think anyone ever feels confident in the MCAT the way you do in normal tests - every time I wrote a practice exam I'd feel like I failed and then get like a 518-523. On the real thing, I had quite a few 50/50s in both CARS and psych/soc, plus some utter confusion in c/p and b/b, but still somehow did very well throughout. I think what helped me with CARS was just having a really strong background - a lot of reading, AP English in high school (catch-22 is WAY harder to read than any CARS passage lol), and taking a challenging philosophy course the semester before to tune up my skills. I also used a strategy where I'd pick which answer seemed the most right, explain to myself why it seemed right, and then go through and try to figure out what was wrong with all the others. If there wasn't anything wrong with one of the other options, I'd reassess my first pick. This led to quite a few questions where I felt like several answers could be right, but it let me see the strengths and weaknesses of each option so I could make an informed guess.
  13. Comprehensible

    St. John Ambulance to Primary Care Paramedic

    Haha ya it takes like 10 years of experience in the regular military (the 5 the article mentions are very rare) before you can even try to go through the SAR Tech selection process, plus they're essentially advanced care paramedics, with high end flight training, rock climbing skills, remote survival capabilities, diving abilities, etc. Definitely the masters of SAR, the only real comparable individuals of whom I'm aware of are US rescue divers. I was suggesting more CASARA or coast guard/coast guard auxiliary for OP, although the ski patrol option mentioned above is also super cool.
  14. Comprehensible

    St. John Ambulance to Primary Care Paramedic

    Some units do, some units don't. But they don't tend to be super active (maybe 1 search per year) as far as I'm aware. If you're interested in SAR, I'd look into marine/air opportunities.
  15. So I'm having trouble getting ahold of someone from scotiabank, and RBC wants to talk on the phone instead of in person because they want me to talk to someone where my school is, not where I currently live. Is there any point trying to talk to any of the other banks? Or are they way too far behind?