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    Debt level after each year of med

    I just finished first year. I came into it with no debt, about 15k savings from work last year and got a small entrance scolarship. Lived quite frugally. Currently at 10k government loans, 10k line of credit.
  2. Comprehensible

    IMG and CARMS residency

    Haha yes. Most of the province is considered “rural” and falls under programs like ROMP, ERMEP, etc. If a city is in the GTA (Milton, Richmond Hill) or large enough to support an independent university (not necessarily a satellite campus) (Peterborough, Guelph, etc.) it’s not rural in my opinion. Despite this though, many people are only interested in living in 2-3 cities in the country, and define things as either GTA or rural. I grew up in an independent mid sized city, and we were hard pressed for doctors (like 3 months to get in to see your fam dr.) I’m starting to understand why. That’s probably why the ROS terms are so loose - those mid sized places need to incentivize doctors to come too, even if truly rural places need them even more. As someone who is very interested in mid-sized cities (say 100-300k), it’s actually a little odd how centralized the medical system is. If I want to do any academic medicine, my choices in Ontario in that range are Kingston and maybe London. If I want to go literally anywhere else, I lose the option to do any research or teaching.
  3. I was faced with this choice myself last year (between several schools that I considered pretty equal, but was given unspecified campus at Western). I was told afterwards that almost everyone who gets unspecified gets London eventually, but not before I had to make my decision. Essentially, you have to decide whether what you like about Western (the 4 year program if that's something you like, etc.) outweighs the small chance you could end up in a location you aren't as big a fan of. These choices are super hard (I spent days deliberating), so don't rush it.
  4. Comprehensible

    number of offers

    I declined U of T to go to another school . We all have our own priorities.
  5. Comprehensible

    How do family doctors competently work in ERs?

    While I agree that it may be more expensive to serve people living in rural communities, I think it's a bit short-sighted to say that such communities no longer serve a purpose. Depending on location, these are the people who feed the rest of the country (and the world in some cases) and provide us with many essential resources that feed our economy. Also, while not everyone living in rural environments prefers them, some definitely do, and would be very unhappy in urban landscapes.
  6. Comprehensible

    528 Scoring MCAT Tutor

    Hey everyone! I'm offering MCAT tutoring this spring and summer (via Skype primarily). I scored a 528 on the exam, and am happy to help you with any or all sections. I'm currently a first year medical student and wrote the exam in the summer of 2017, so all of the details of the exam are still fresh in my mind Message me for more information!
  7. Comprehensible

    Any advice on choosing a medical school?

    Was your frustration with London just that it wasn't a big enough city for you? (MS1 curious about different cities in case I have the chance to consider several for residency in a few years).
  8. Comprehensible

    Any advice on choosing a medical school?

    I had 7 acceptances and 2 waitlists - making this decision was super hard, especially because after 9 interviews, the schools all kind of blurred together. I honestly couldn't find a lot of information online, so I decided based on where I wanted to live, and process of elimination. As mentioned above, 3 vs 4 year is super important, but otherwise I decided mostly based on things like "what size of city do I want to live in" "do I want to live a 5 hour flight from home, a 5 hour drive from home, or a 1-2 hour drive from home?" "How do I feel about the weather in Vancouver vs Edmonton vs Toronto" and so on. If you know people attending different schools, I'd also try to honestly talk to them about it - there are lots of things I've learned about my school that I had no idea about before (sorry, I'm not willing to share my school publicly).
  9. Fair enough! If you're happy with it, that's great . From one of your other posts, I understand that you're currently a working dentist. Having income coming in would definitely reduce the stress about spending (it's no longer all going on the line of credit lol). That also explains why you're able to treat other people - I will admit to being confused for a second there. I'm kind of envious of how well you must eat - I used to feed 3 people on a budget of $275 a week and felt like we we were eating luxuriously.
  10. Honestly it’s more about not wanting to spend the time to go to the grocery store than frugality, but its a nice side effect. I’m in a major city, but I have noticed food is more expensive here than it was in my smaller home city. It’s true that location makes a huge difference. Are you feeding anyone else? Or just going through lots of meat? Or are you super busy and eating out a lot?
  11. Nice to see you around! I remember that we were both feverishly refreshing this site last year haha I'd rather not say which school I'm at (with all of these universities being so small), but I agree with all of your points, as long as it's kept within limits.
  12. If you add eating out, I’m around 115 bucks a month. I definitely spend less than most, which leads to less fancy food. 500 sounds like a lot though - I think an average number is around 250. I was lucky enough to have a good store of staples from my undergrad, so I use a lot of rice, beans, lentils, pasta, etc. which I rarely have to restock. I buy most of my vegetables and fruit frozen at Costco, and am happy to eat instant oatmeal for breakfast for a week straight. I also take my parents’ leftovers when I go home and they give me a little bit of some more expensive stuff like cheese when I see them, but I’ve only been home at thanksgiving, Christmas, family day and spring break so that’s not sustaining me full time. I don’t buy any drinks: pop, juice, alcohol, etc. I often eat 2 granola bars and a pack of seaweed for lunch (not to save money, just because I dislike packing lunches). Finally, I’m a woman so I eat less than most men. I would also would rather lose weight than gain it, so I’m not going through as much food as some people do trying to put on muscle. Edit: grammar, and also that being said, I accidentally bought a $15 spaghetti squash that I thought was 5 dollars last week, so I'm sure not perfect.
  13. It’s funny how we all seem to end up spending more than we anticipated. I’m living on less than 1200 dollars a month for myself, but I also have a horse who costs me about 700 bucks a month. I love him dearly, but he’s hours away from me so I only see him on holidays. Unfortunately, he also has an injury which makes him un-sellable or leasable. So, I spend like 90 bucks a month in groceries, have no car, and spend as little as I can. I could have gone to a school in another province for like a third of what I’m paying now, but I decided to pick a city I thought I’d like (and that I’d be able to get home from in case of emergency). Was it my best choice? I don’t know. But at some point, sometimes it’s worth picking happiness over money.
  14. Comprehensible

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Is there any chance the reason fewer spots are left over is because more people matched in the first round?
  15. Comprehensible

    OOP worried about weather

    True, although the staff at the hotel seemed super confused when I explained where I wanted to go, so make sure to scout that out the night before.
  16. Comprehensible

    Emerg Research

    I'm an MS1 at an Ontario med school. I'm considering EM, and want to try some research in the field, but I can't find any for the life of me. I left it a bit late because I was waiting for my school to send out the list of projects, but there are only 4-5 related projects, and I'm not getting a lot of response, likely because my undergrad research is limited to some volunteering, one 4th year project, and 1 poster. I'd be happy with either funded or volunteer positions. I've also tried emailing random investigators at a few different schools, but I'm still not getting a lot of replies. Does anyone know of any programs that I could try/have any advice?
  17. Comprehensible

    excuse my ignorance

    I wrote mine in Rochester, because the next closest one to southern Ontario was Winnipeg! It really doesn't matter where you write it, the only difference was the "no guns allowed in the testing center" sign on the wall.
  18. Comprehensible

    OOP worried about weather

    I interviewed at Manitoba last year. I was wearing a 3/4 length blazer, and we had to briefly walk outdoors. It wasn't warm. Make sure you have full length sleeves!
  19. Comprehensible

    OSAP CHANGES FOR 2019-2020

    Awesome. Given the thin about extending the time before you become an independent student, I, and many other students, will not be eligible for OSAP for our first/second/in some cases 3rd year of medical school. I was lucky enough that I got some help from my parents through undergrad, but, very reasonably, am supporting myself through all of med school without help. I don't really want to put an extra 15k+ on the LOC, but too bad for me I guess...
  20. I told Scotia, and they said they would try, and sent some document in with the request. Haven't heard back on whether it is happening.
  21. Any sources on Scotia matching? I'm meeting to sign my LOC tomorrow, so if this is an option I should bring it up. Edit: I just did the math and the 0.05% only comes out to 50 bucks a year on 100,000. It may not be worth the hassle of renegotiating.
  22. Mine came out about 500 bucks less than expected, but nothing like that...
  23. The person I'm currently speaking to isn't on that list, but I believe I got to them through a referral from that list. They seem to know their stuff. I also spoke to someone who was on the list but didn't seem to understand my questions. Can you send me the details that you would send to someone who was purchasing the plan from you so I can make sure there are no contradictions?
  24. I just spoke with someone from Scotia who said basically that this is the normal procedure when the whole plan is set up from the beginning, but that they can alternatively set it up to manually waive the fees each year (which would give the bonus points). They said if they did this and then left the branch they can't guarantee the next person would waive the fees. @ScotiabankMedsAdvisor @ScotiabankMedsAdvisorLOC @GTA Scotiabank Med Advisor Can you clarify what is going on here? I'm pretty lost. Can you give a complete run-down of the plan as it should be, including cards, bonus points, how long you have to pay it off, grace period, conversion to professional LOC, and all other details? It's crazy that people are getting such different responses depending on their advisor.
  25. Comprehensible

    White coat ceremony

    Damn. My friend is getting married on the 1st.