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  1. I've recently received a number of offers of admission (many more than I expected - I might have over-applied a bit I guess). I'm currently admitted to UBC (Victoria), Alberta, Ottawa, McMaster (Hamilton), Toronto (St. George) and Western (Unspecified). I'm also waitlisted at Queen's and Memorial. I'm from Ontario. I'm currently leaning towards UBC or Ottawa. I'm not sure what to look at to make a decision about any school. I'm interested in quite a few specialties, and am open to exploring more, so I don't think that is too big of a factor in the decision. Here are my pros and cons: UBC: Pros: - Although I've never been, I've heard Victoria is super beautiful (it was my first choice of location for UBC) without the crazy costs of living of Vancouver, for example. - UBC is, I believe, one of the higher "rated" schools in the country (although I know Canadian schools aren't really tiered like they are in the states). - I love being on and around the water (although, admittedly, I'm more used to lakes than oceans) and Victoria would give me the opportunity to do so. - It's relatively inexpensive (17k a year instead of 25k for most of Ontario). - To my understanding, UBC has the "distributed campus" thing really well sorted out (better than any of the other schools I know of). Cons: - It's really far away from home - I don't know if I'd have challenges matching back to Ontario for residency if I chose to do so (undecided at this point - I know lots of people fall in love with BC and never move home). Alberta: Pros: - Very cheap (12k a year, but they also gave me a 3k a year scholarship, bringing it down to 9k) - Also one of the higher rated schools I think. Cons: - Same as BC, plus it's super cold and I'm not sure if there's much to do in Edmonton Ottawa: Pros: - Another really cool city with tons to do - I've heard it has a really nice mix of PBL and normal courses - I could try to regain the French that I've slowly been losing since the end of high school after my parents went to the effort of sending me to bilingual school as a kid Cons: - Also pretty far away - Expensive tuition - Cold Toronto: Pros: - Prestige - Lots of opportunities to see a lot of high end hospitals - Close to home Cons: - I've heard that the culture can be a bit toxic and the workload is higher than at other schools - The city of Toronto is... not my favourite. It's super busy, you can't really drive anywhere, and the last time I went for a half hour walk I felt like I was constantly about to be hit by cars. - I've also heard that because there are so many med students, clerks and residents, it can be hard to get any sort of hands-on experience McMaster: Pros: - Close to home - Some level of prestige Cons: - 3 year program - I'm not sure what I want to do - I'm not sure how I feel about basically only having PBL Western: Pros: - Close to home (if I end up at the London campus, which was my first choice). - London is quite a bit like the that I grew up in and the one that I went to University in - a nice mid-sized (aka population of 100,000-500,000) place with lots of green space Cons: - The unspecified campus thing - I'd rather not go to Windsor - The London campus seemed a bit worn down Western was in my original top 4 (UBC, Ottawa, Queens, Western), but the unspecified campus kind of dropped it down. If I were admitted to Queen's, I'd also strongly consider it (close to the water, really nice building, solid school in general) - it'd likely compete with Ottawa and UBC. Does anyone have any input? What else should I consider? I'm having trouble finding details about differences in curriculum, so if anyone can link me to them or explain the distinctions, that'd be awesome! Also - side note - how do I go about finding start and end dates for schools? I have to a) figure out how much time I need off at the end of the summer, and b) figure out whether I can go back to my current job (which I love) next summer. EDIT: Another question - can I use OSAP if I go to UBC? If not, am I eligible for BC student loans? It would suck to be without any sort of government loans.
  2. Is there any chance of getting more information if I call? I have a few offers and the location does influence my choice of school.
  3. Result: Accepted (unspecified) Timestamp: 10:19 GPA: 4.0 MCAT: above cutoffs ECs: a cool job, hospital and first response volunteering, clubs and hobbies interview: generally pretty good, with a few answers that I over analyzed afterwards. Geography: non-SWOMEN, IP Does anyone know anything about the undetermined site situation? I'm lucky enough to have a few acceptances and am starting to try to make a choice, but location is definitely a factor.
  4. Result: waitlisted Timestamp: 8:46am GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 528 ECs: a cool job, a few clubs, hospital and first response volunteering, hobbies interview: it was weird but I thought it went ok. I was pulled off the interview waitlist though, so I'm not shocked.
  5. It's just the opposite of what I expected. Same - I was in the early 100s.
  6. Same! Kind of weird results - my extracurricular was better than my academic.
  7. Haha I've noticed this. I know BMO isn't a top choice for the LOC, but I figured I'd speak to them since I know them well, just to get a starting point. The first person I spoke to wanted my parents to co-sign...
  8. Hahaha I still haven't figured out how that score happened.
  9. Agreed - I had a 4.0 and 528, good enough ECs for every other EC heavy school, but only volunteer research and got rejected pre-interview.
  10. Similarly, does anyone have recommendations for advisors at any/all the banks in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge/Guelph/brantford/Hamilton area?
  11. Thanks! I ended up putting the downtown campus first but I'd be equally happy at Mississauga - I'm not from the GTA so it's not as if I'd be giving up an urban lifestyle.
  12. Result: Accepted Geography: OOP GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 528 Degree: BSc E.C: An unusual summer job, volunteering at a hospital and first response, a few club leadership experiences, a few awards, some lab volunteering but NO RESEARCH (I've done a poster since the application was due) Interview: I honestly don't remember. I was lucky enough to have a number of interviews and they've all kind of blurred together in my mind. I'm still waiting to hear back from some other schools, and I honestly don't know what my top choice is, but I'd be happy to attend Alberta - they sold themselves really well at the interview date.
  13. The next 2-3 weeks are just going to be a stress fest with a slow trickle of results.
  14. Thanks, I don't know how I missed that!
  15. Apparently I'm not great at choosing campuses, but I got some valuable insight on the UBC thread before, so I'll ask about Mac. I know they told us about campuses at the interview day, but I was wondering if anyone had more real-life insight into how the campuses differ and what is good/bad at each location?
  16. I know they talked about it at interviews, but I'm still torn between the campuses. Does anyone have any insight?
  17. This is unfortunate, because if you're lucky enough to have an offer and also a waitlist to a school you would prefer, you can't wait to find out if you will get in.
  18. I was invited with a perfect score which is why I was curious. I avoid talking about it though to avoid those stereotypes.
  19. I will have to check that! The above would suggest that the highest MCAT they got was a 526 though, which isn't correct. Unless this is only for rejected applicants? Or just IP people?
  20. It would be so nice if we knew how many people were interviewed at each school and if this data had IP/OOP categories, but it does clarify some things. UBC's documents are great for this (http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/files/2017/12/Interim-Statistics-2017-18-MED-2022-FINAL.pdf, http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/files/2017/10/FINAL-MED-2021-Admissions-Statistics-website.pdf) All that I'm aware of is: McMaster interviewed ~550 people this year, so if the total number accepted remains the same, that comes out to ~60% post-interview acceptance rate. UBC interviewed ~655 people this year, so that gives a total post-interview acceptance rate of 331/655=51%, but for IP the acceptance rate is 278/574=48% and the OOP acceptance rate 53/81=65% (although the year prior it was 46/81=57%) Does anyone have interview numbers for any other schools? EDIT: also the UBC number of accepted individuals last year on their document doesn't agree with the number on this document, so I don't know which is right.
  21. I was just lucky enough to be awarded an NSERC CGS scholarship at 2 different schools for a potential masters next year. I have 21 days to reply. There is a bit of a challenge, as I also have med school applications in, and won't hear back from them until after the NSERC deadline. Has anyone been in this situation? I'm not sure how to proceed from here.
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