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  1. I was just awarded an NSERC CGS scholarship at 2 different schools for a potential masters next year. I have 21 days to reply. I also have med school applications in, and won't hear back from them until after the NSERC deadline. Has anyone been in this situation? I'm not sure how to proceed from here.
  2. My understanding is that ranking more campuses does not change your chance of being ranked for admission. With that being said, if you are ranked towards the bottom of the admitted list, and there are no more spots at the Vancouver campus by the time they get to you, if you haven't ranked the other locations you won't be admitted.
  3. I'm curious about pre-interview rejection rankings. Does anyone know if those can be obtained?
  4. If you look up the SWOMEN info for the last few years, SWOMEN admission rates have been super high post interview - that's probably what they're referring to
  5. Coming from someone who was lucky enough to have quite a few - they don't really seem to get better, no matter how many you have. I think it's just a stress thing - either you walk out feeling bad, or you walk out feeling good and then feel worse as time goes on. As everyone says though, it's hard to judge your own performance. The next month is definitely going to be hard, but I'm sure most of us have 1000 other things to do - I'm just repressing the memories for a month haha.
  6. That table also makes it look like westerns clerkship is shorter overall... I'm assuming that's wrong?
  7. OK thanks! Can I get OSAP if I go out of province, or do I have to apply for that province's student support program? I don't have any undergrad debt, as my parents did support me a fair amount up until this point, but their financial situation has changed and I will essentially be on my own after this.
  8. I'm definitely planning on doing that, although I'm not sure if I can if I leave Ontario.
  9. Hey, I'm just wondering if there are any merit based scholarships for any of the English schools. I likely don't qualify for the bursaries that I've gotten emails about from Queens and Western, but if I get in I'm going to be paying for everything through a line of credit like most other people. I was therefore wondering if there's anything I should be applying for or if any scholarships go out based on MCAT/GPA? I know everyone applying has an amazing background so my chances wouldn't be great, but I'd like to throw my hat in the ring if there's an option. Edit: I just took a look at Western's normal bursary (not the Schulich scholarship) and it looks like I may not have to supply parental income because I've been out of high school for 4 years. Does anyone know if this is true?
  10. I'd guess that they're saying not to bring like, hair dryers or whatever because the voltage and outlet might not be compatible? You can definitely bring your cell phone, but you might need to pick up a converter or to buy a new charger - if you have an iPhone or android they are everywhere. Just be aware that if you use your cell phone on your Indian plan, you're going to get a lot of roaming fees. Also, about the "warm clothes" thing: yes, if you get here between October and May you're going to want warm clothes (sweaters in at the beginning and end of that period, a heavy winter coat in the middle) unless you're in BC, but if you get to Canada in the summer it's going to be warm... 20-35 degrees Celsius probably, so you won't need warm clothes on arrival.
  11. Do you think the stats would be similar for other OOP?
  12. Sorry, my first question might have been a bit unclear. I've seen some people at other interviews bring their luggage to the actual interview so it could be put in the coat room, and I was wondering if that was possible at Alberta.
  13. I'm flying into Edmonton tonight for my interview tomorrow. I am then catching a red-eye home at midnight on Sunday. I was wondering if it is possible for me to bring my luggage (a carry on and a backpack) to the interview so that I do not have to go back to my hotel. Does anyone know if there is enough room?
  14. TIME STAMP: Mar 16 Result: Invite GPA: 4.00 MCAT: Above cutoffs ECs: Hospital volunteering, exec of a club, a cool job, a few academic awards, hobbies, etc. I didn't have any real research other than volunteering until this year (4th year project), but I briefly mentioned the project in one of my essays since I couldn't put it on my OMSAS sketch. Essays: I have no idea. I'm generally a pretty good writer, but these things are hard to judge. Year: 4th year undergrad Geography: IP
  15. I hadn't received anything up until about 20 minutes ago, but I just got an interview! Good luck!!!
  16. Pre-interview. All of Ontario's post interview results come out May 8th.
  17. 4.0, decent essays, good enough ECs and letters for other EC heavy schools. I think my problem is a lack of research, which I've been working on this year (I've got a poster now at least) but I can't tell them about. Still haven't heard anything My point is mostly that there's an element of "do you fit what that particular school is looking for that year" present in the process. I really hope that there are a few left for people here, especially those without other opportunities.
  18. Awesome I'm flying out from Ontario on Saturday... I'm just going to hope it improves by then.
  19. Literally anywhere I get in. I always think it's funny when the schools are trying to sell themselves - it's not like I have the decision making power in this situation. I know that some people do have choices, but I can't even think about that unless it happens. Edit: Lols awkward I didn't realize I was in the physio forum - mobile is fun. Holds true though!
  20. I doubt it. If that was the case, I'd probably have heard back one way or the other, (although my lack of research makes me a hard sell for U of T).
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