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  1. Lol if it continues until we OOPers hear back too, it could go much further. I'm just sitting here watching in envy and waiting for May........
  2. Another thing to note is that this probably doesn't include those who accept an offer to another school and withdraw from the waitlist.
  3. I think that, in Ontario in particular, those waitlist numbers are essential. It's too bad that they aren't super well publicized, but because most people in Ontario apply to multiple schools, there's a huge amount of movement. The same is true for those interviewing out of province - if I remember correctly from when I did the math, in some cases OOP people actually have a BETTER post interview acceptance rate than IP because there is so much waitlist movement.
  4. I got a link to OWL but no login information. Has anyone been able to sign in?
  5. Fair. I found it fairly difficult to complete (to think of something to talk about that wasn't too personal for me to be comfortable discussing it), so it seems a little odd if it weren't considered.
  6. I'd agree that that is probably the plan, but things can always go wrong. Look at Alberta - interviews were supposed to be out early this week, but probably won't be until next week because of (completely understandable) technical difficulties.
  7. Interesting, those aren't the schools I necessarily would have expected. I'm sure there's a lot of word of mouth that goes around on these things, but as premed students we often don't know what schools are known for what specialty until after we have to pick a school. If anyone is willing, it'd be awesome if some current and past med students could share what each school is known for.
  8. Any chance you know which other schools are similarly beneficial? Just so we have all the information if we happen to end up in a situation where we have a choice.
  9. Saskatchewan seems fairly open to altering dates if necessary. Obviously it would be ideal to avoid doing so, but it's an option.
  10. Interview off the wait list for me too! Stats post updated.
  11. OK thanks! I am ready, I'm just trying to decide whether to attend one particular interview as I have quite a few other interviews. If there is no blacklist, then there is no harm in going except for $$.
  12. Is there a blacklist for students who turn down an acceptance? E.g. if someone were to be accepted to only 1 school and to turn it down, would they be blacklisted from all other schools in the future? Similarly, is there a punishment for initially accepting an interview and then turning it down later? Also, I know in the states you can look at where students from each school have matched for residency in the past. Is there such a thing in Canada?
  13. I wear a white blouse, black pants, and a dark blue but not navy blazer (female). I feel like I look like a child playing dress up in a black blazer, so I went with something a bit softer. I don't think it's been an issue, although the majority of people do wear black, navy or grey.
  14. In Ontario, how long can you wait to see what happens on the waitlist before you accept an offer?
  15. Are the lectures recorded and posted, or just streamed live?
  16. That's actually probably a good thing, because it means you don't have to put down a deposit without hearing from all the schools. As much as it'd be nice to find out, it makes sense.
  17. Did they by any chance mention when OOP (non NB) will be out? I'm guessing early April?
  18. This would be amazing!! If anyone could give the detailed feedback that you did above for the other sites, that would be great! I haven't had my interview yet, but I don't want to have to try to decide super last minute. My current thoughts (from a pure lifestyle perspective since I don't know what's different in terms of teaching style) are: Kelowna is in a beautiful area, has skiing and also has lakes (which I assume is are tad warmer than the Pacific) (I love water ). Warmer summers and colder winters, both of which I prefer. Victoria is also beautiful, is near Vancouver if I need to get into a bigger city, and has the ocean. Vancouver is a big city of course, so I'm sure it has the most options for things to do. It also might have a curriculum advantage. Despite this, I have mixed feelings about huge cities and am unsure how I feel about 6 straight months of rain. Am I right? Are there things I should add?
  19. Alberta and Saskatchewan have booked their interviews on the same day. Most of the schools managed to avoid this, but I guess it was inevitable that there would be some overlap. Hoping to hear back soon so I can make a decision.
  20. Time Stamp: Feb. 5 2:47 pm EST Result: Invite Interview Date: March 17 or 18th GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 528 Year: 4th year Geography: OOP I just realized that the interviews are the same weekend as Alberta, which I'm still waiting on... I may have to decline one of them
  21. I'm wondering the same thing. I like smaller cities so I'm leaning towards Kelowna, but I don't want to limit my specialty options.
  22. What I was saying is that them saying they had a certificate in high school counts as bilingualism. I said I spoke both languages, so it definitely does count. I didn't hit the box by accident, I just didn't realize at the time that saying I spoke both languages counted explicitly as "bilingualism", as I think there's a difference between being able to communicate and being bilingual. Luckily, my French is quite good, I just need to practice a bit. I can follow a radio broadcast, and am comfortable having a conversation as long as the other individual doesn't have an unusual accent, so I think I should be OK, just a bit out of practice (yay 5.5 years of bilingual school and 4 years of extended french).
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