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  1. I doubt this counts. I'd check if you put English or Both under languages spoken (I realized after getting the email that I put both, so I'm just practicing a bit). Even if you did, people have been telling me that it doesn't actually hurt you if you said you were bilingual and fail the French test, it just doesn't give you an advantage.
  2. I got rejected despite having good enough ECs for Ottawa and BC, plus very good stats. I think they are looking for something very particular, which may vary between years.
  3. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: Jan 31 3:07PM Interview Date: TBD wGPA/cGPA: 4.00 Year: 4th year MCAT: 528 ECs: Some leadership, some clubs and hobbies, volunteering, a cool job, etc. Geography: IP EDIT: Interview off the wait list!!! Super excited
  4. Me too - it was in my promotions folder.
  5. Has anyone gotten one at a time other than 2:57? AKA are they still coming or are they all gone already?
  6. Does Queen's let us pick dates? The weekend of the 24-26 is already insane for me.
  7. I heard through the grapevine that people have been calling in, and that some of them did get interviews - it seems like a technical problem.
  8. Invite/Rejection: Invite Time Stamp: 6:20 pm EST Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 4.00 Current year: 4th year ECs: 1 club, some interesting work experience, a few volunteer positions, some hobbies, a few totally non-med related things (E.g. a mock trial). Casper: OK.
  9. Oh ok that sounds more manageable. Going to seek out some practice in the next month. Thanks guys I'm a bit more confident.
  10. Wow ok sorry I've gotten confused between schools. Thanks!
  11. Is it like 1 MMI will be in French? Had I known this was a thing/had they explicitly asked if I was bilingual, I might not have said yes. I speak both languages, but can struggle with unusual accents/technical terms. I used to be almost fully bilingual, but I'm not sure if I still am.
  12. So I'm wondering what they mean about "voluntarily declaring bilingualism." I said I spoke both languages on the citizenship and language application section of my overall OMSAS, but I didn't explicitly say I wanted to be considered for the bilingual stream anywhere with regards to Ottawa. I went to a bilingual school for like 5 years and did Extended French in high school, so I'm fairly comfortable having a regular conversation in French, but haven't practiced since graduating high school and I don't know any medical terminology...... I'm a little concerned about the level of difficulty of the assessment of fluency. If I fail that, does my application get totally thrown out, or do I just move into the regular pool?
  13. Not that I'm not waiting too, but it's possible that a) people stay late on the day stuff goes out or b ) they send the invites through a mailing list program that takes a while to process a few hundred emails.
  14. Is there any potential for online interview practice for those of us who aren't in practical driving distance? (Although I'm getting ahead of myself as interview invites aren't out yet). Thanks!
  15. Do you have Canadian citizenship? If so, I think this might be a situation where you might want to call admissions and check if there was confusion, since there shouldn't be any subjective component. I could be totally off base though.
  16. Did you have any semesters where you took <3/5 classes at or above grade level?
  17. It doesn't indicate that in the email - it just says "it is impossible for the Office of Admissions to provide applicants with individualized feedback or advising". Is this like a hidden feedback mechanism?
  18. In the normal rejection email, or in a follow up email? There's no information about why we were rejected in the normal rejection.
  19. It says "You have until 4:00 PM EST on Thursday February 1st to log in and choose your preferences. You should receive an email on Friday February 2nd indicating the day and time of your interview as assigned through a computer-generated matching system based on your choices. At 3:00 PM EST on Friday February 2nd the website will reopen and, should you wish to change your interview date/time, you will have until 4:00 PM EST on Tuesday February 6th to log in and make a change through the add/drop process if an opening is available." That suggests to me you can only change it after February 2nd. But I missed the part about the computer generated matching system - I think it's probably OK to wait as long as I don't forget to register on Monday. Thanks!
  20. Time Stamp: 4:01 January 25th Invite: Invite IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN: No 2YGPA: 4.00 MCAT: C/P 132; CARS 132; B/B 132 (396/528 total) Question: is signup for the interviews NOT first come first serve? Ideally I'd like to wait until I hear back from Ottawa/Queen's on Monday so that I can schedule everything - I can't be in 2 places at once, and while I could do Mac and Western in a weekend, there's no way I could do Ottawa or Queens and Mac/Western in a single weekend. The fact that it's saying to rank my top 5 choices, and doesn't seem to be showing any full spots suggests that there is no benefit to signing up faster - is that true? Thanks!
  21. TIME STAMP: 11:15 Result: Reject wGPA: 4.0 MCAT: (if submitted): 528 ECs: pretty good - a few volunteer positions, an unusual work position, a few clubs with some leadership Year: UG (4th year) IP/OOP/International: OOP Letter of EC: No CASPer: felt OK, good enough for a Mac interview. Edit: this is scaring me a bit about my CASPer for Ottawa and Alberta.
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