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  1. Do you mean 3 or more, or greater than 3 electives in their matched discipline? I'm sure there's tons of people who completed four 2-week rotations since there's so many competitive programs out there and lots of applicants to those programs. Your statement would assume that a majority of people are rather splitting their elective weeks evenly in two (or more) specialties, presumably equally to be somewhat competitive in both.
  2. Do you think they would really change it though from Professional to Bachelor? I'm thinking that most people select Bachelor because it's technically correct and they get extra benefits or whatnot from doing it, but StudentAidBC I'm worried would go "well technically according to our system, medicine is considered a professional program so why would we change it" Alberta also had to submit an Appendix 3 for me because the program wasn't listed when I applied, and they also listed my program as professional
  3. I accidentally submitted my application and put professional instead of bachelor Would that mean that I wouldnt get the grant? Would I be able to submit a reassessment form to change it to bachelors, or even reapply next year as a bachelor? Kinda stressed out about this
  4. I confirmed with a couple of people that we all had the same numbers so I don't think they meant anything unfortunately
  5. I hope I'm not reading too much into this and sorry if I am, but if you had the tab last year and got an interview last year, wouldn't you getting the tab this year mean that you're going to get an interview again? I'm trying to see if there's anyone who had an interview last year but doesn't have the tab this year
  6. Is there anyone who got an interview last year but don't have the tab this year? I didn't get the tab and I'm worried they really did accidentally open up tabs for those that got interviews this year.
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