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  1. wow, Radiology is really becoming less competitive
  2. Med0123

    Why do people want this so bad ?

    Well I may be a bit of a contrarian here, but I DO highly recommend premeds to try to get into medschool. I have yet to find a career as rewarding in so many aspects as mine. I am in between residency and practicing physician having finished general surgery and at the end of my 2 years fellowship. Yes it implies a lot of sacrifices. Yes you will need to have some support because truthfully the journey to get there is long. But every single day I make life and death decisions that have dramatic impact on my patients life. Perhaps my relation to the field of medicine is highly tinted by the fact that I mostly deal with either high acuity pathologies requiring STAT decision making or with oncologic situations for which the surgeon is often viewed as the last resort to hope for a real cure. If asked whether I would start again this 12 years-long journey (started medschool in 2007) and if it's worth it, I would say yes, in a heartbeat.
  3. Do at least an additional elective in general surgery, or a general surgery subspecialty (surg onc, colorectal, HPB, thoracics, etc.) Try to publish a case report. Keep the good attitude during your rotations. Good luck!
  4. Agree with the above. As a fellow entering soon the last 6 months of my subspecialty, what is most often challenging is knowing who to not operate and what not to do. The cognitive process of surgery is truthfully more difficult than the technical aspects.
  5. Med0123

    LoC refused, advice??

    If you are starting dentistry, you will easily have access to at least 200k from RBC/Scotia/National Bank as other have mentioned. Without co-signors. Don't let these uneducated reps scare you.
  6. Med0123

    marge de crédit MD

    J'ai réussi à négocier un taux à Prime-0.25%, donc c'est faisable.
  7. I respectfully disagree. I think it is more relevant to think in terms of fun. Trust me, most of the older surgeons I work with continue to do so because they still have fun operating, teaching, working in the OR etc. What they do will always be meaningful, but if they lose the "fun" part they will retire.
  8. Approx 20% where I did my residency
  9. Med0123

    Année préparatoire à Montréal

    J'ai vraiment aimé ma premed à UdeM. Comme l'a dit Bambi, c'est une bonne transition entre le CEGEP et l'université, et ca te permet de t'adapter en douceur. En ayant la premed dans le corps, cela fait en sorte que le programme MD est moins lourd, car toutes les notions de physiologie/histologie/anatomie/sciences plus fondamentales ont été vues en premed et n'ont pas à être répétées dans le 4 ans de MD. Il y a aussi l'aspect social de la chose : la premed ne comptant pas vraiment pour le CaRMS, et l'horaire n'était pas SI lourd, tu peux te permettre de t'acclimater à l'université avec tes nouveaux camarades de classe, t'impliquer, etc.
  10. yes, you definitely need a suit lol
  11. @rmorelan, I may end up doing 1 year of fellowship in the states. I got my USMLEs. How much approximately I can expect end up paying to get the H1b, all things included (lawyer, administrative stuff...)?
  12. 1. Chaque médecin doit avoir certaines aptitudes de gestionnaire (cf les compétences CanMEDS). Tu peux être un radiologiste sans avoir à être à ton compte et avoir à investir des sommes considérables (i.e. travailler uniquement à l'hôpital). 2. C'est une spécialité compétitive, comme beaucoup d'autres spécialités. Je te suggère d'abord de rentrer en médecine 3. Je n'ai jamais entendu parlé d'un pathologiste qui gère une compagnie, la plupart sont payés de façon mixte (à l'acte et un espèce de forfait)
  13. That is what happens if you are geographically restricted to the GTA/Vancouver/Montreal
  14. Med0123


    I did obtain a LOR from a preceptor I had during my first rotation, and it paid off!
  15. This mismatch between CAD and USD value and the rapidity of changes in value these past few weeks made me think. I drank the Canadian Couch Potato Kool-Aid big time and I mostly plan to stick with the larger picture of index investing, but I think I will down the road split my foreign equities (US, Int'l developed and Int'l emerging) to 50%:50% Hedged and non-hedged to CAD (only if the hedged version is unexpensive). The reason being that it seems that Forex is a totally different beast and even more volatile that regular stock markets, and frankly I want to reduce my exposure to foreign currencies (to 50%? 40%? less? I am uncertain for the moment). MER for VFV and VSP both are currently 0.08%, and honestly VSP tracks pretty well SP500 index when you look at the historical performance without any significant lag and no added cost. I want to be exposed to SOME foreign currency exposure, but with a 100% equity portfolio (for the moment) and approximately 30% in Canadian equity, my exposure to foreign currency exposure (and its crazy volatility these days) seems to be a bit high and corresponds to 70% of my portfolio. Obviously, I want to live and spend my retirement in Canada using CAD. rmorelan, what do you think of that and what's your strategy? (I know you love this topic )