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  1. Invite/Reject: Invite GPA: 3.68 CARS: 130 Casper: Felt okay, had regrets about some questions. Prepped a lot to make up for my subpar GPA. There are tons of free practice resources online which I definitely recommend. Geography: IP Hopefully will give some hope to people with "below average" GPAs. Very excited and nervous for the coming weeks. Congrats everyone and good luck
  2. Interested! Located in Toronto.
  3. freesia

    Referee Forms

    I was wondering the same thing.. OMSAS keeps referencing this "form" but I can't find it anywhere
  4. Global Health at McMaster, Public Health at Western, Public Health at UofT (1.5 years) are all course-based
  5. My UG was also Psychology. The only "hard science" courses I took were intro chem, bio, physics, 3 years before I wrote the MCAT. My psych major definitely helped for the P/S section of the MCAT, as well as CARS. Because I had no background in orgo/biochem/genetics, I knew I would have to put in extra days to self-teach/practice those topics. I studied Jun-Sept, using ExamKrackers books, KhanAcademy passages, the AAMC official materials, and YouTube. I was lucky to not have to work during this time but I know that's not possible for everyone. I probably could/should have studied in less time, but I gave myself a lot of break days so I wouldn't burn out. Lmk if you have any specific questions about the process or would like to see my schedule.