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  1. Anyone OOP and got off the waitlist?
  2. Is there a time frame expected for those on the waitlist? If anyone is called off the waitlist - let us know! I think interview invitees were supposed to confirm by Thursday.
  3. you're competing against all out of province applicants. last year only 15 applicants were interviewed for 5 OOP spots. I interviewed last year as OOP but wasn't successful, let me know if you have any questions
  4. Regrets - My NAQ dropped by 10 points from last year
  5. I empathize with you, those are some really great scores. This is my 4th time applying and I had an interview for the first time last year. Does anyone have the stats for AQ and NAQ interview cut offs last year? I know it may change, but I need some reassurance to settle nerves today.
  6. MCatt

    OOP Averages

    I wouldn’t believe everything people say aha. Don’t worry, there won’t be a representative response, just wait a couple of days!
  7. MCatt

    Interview Practice in Ottawa / Skype

    Interested in Skype too!
  8. I'd be interested! Any confirmation about UofT dental being MMI this year?
  9. Your post is very kind, thanks a lot. I sent you a message.