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  1. BipolarBearr

    Confused about USDO and International Options

    Great, thank you! Say I do have to end up applying to Ireland in 3 years, if I go to med school there and go to US for residency would I be able to practice in Canada afterwards? Obviously residency in Canada is ideal but from what everyone has been saying, that's a long shot
  2. BipolarBearr

    Confused about USDO and International Options

    So both USDO and Ireland IMGs are viewed equally in regards to matching in residency in Canada BUT USDOs are almost guaranteed matching into residency in the US? It seems more appealing to me that Ireland IMGs can come back to Canada as an MD but USDOs don't count as MDs in Canada... I don't think I like the idea of that. If I'm going through this long, complicated, expensive route- I'm getting that damn MD lol. After residency in the US, how easy is it to come back to Canada to actually practice? Also- how does this plan sound: 2018: Apply to a couple Canadian schools with subpar GPA 2019: Apply broadly in Canada with competitive GPA 2020: Apply broadly in Canada, USMD/USDO and Ireland
  3. BipolarBearr

    Confused about USDO and International Options

    Thank you both for the reply! That helps clear things up a bit. You mentioned it might just be easier to do residency in the US, so if I were to go to USMD or USDO and do residency there would I be able to come back to Canada as an MD after that? Is that a common route? Interesting that according to CARMS data it's so difficult for Ireland IMGs yet I've heard from multiple people now that they seem to have the best shot at coming back to Canada. Im sorry if this is a dumb question but what do you mean by first iteration? Is that pretty much saying they are the first group looked at for residency positions? runridge already recommended a little plan of action for me but given my situation do either of you have any recommendations for where/when I should be applying to things? I'm still intending on doing a fifth year to get a competitive GPA and I'm in the process of preparing for the MCAT again.
  4. BipolarBearr

    Confused about USDO and International Options

    @runridge thank you for the reply, I wasn't aware applying multiple times was frowned upon in the US, I guess I'll wait till next cycle to apply so I can see where my GPA and MCAT are at, they should be better than they currently are. If my goal is practicing in Canada, is there a difference if I do USMD or USDO? So both Ireland and US are very difficult to match back into Canada but they are equal in difficulty? Am I understanding that right I've heard USDO has been easier for most. If Ireland and US are on the same level then are places like Australia and Caribbean more difficult than that? I'm not considering those two but I'd like to get a better understanding of how they are perceived
  5. Heyo, I'm going into my fifth year at UWO to boost up my GPA and currently studying for an MCAT retake. That being said, I need some clarification because in my research, things have been very inconsistent or outdated and I would appreciate any help on sorting out options. The purpose of the fifth year will be to make me competitive in places like Queens and Western (I did pretty well in my fourth year), although that depends on the MCAT as well. That being said, I'm still looking to apply this cycle just for the sake of trying. Recently I have heard a lot of talk about USDO schools and Ireland's Atlantic Bridge MD program and would love to hear thoughts and ideas on this. After my fifth year, would it be recommended to apply to both Ireland and various USDO schools? Should I apply to USDO schools NOW instead and possibly save some time and money? I have heard USDOs have a much easier time matching into Canada after medical school but recently I have also heard of graduates from Ireland matching well here as long as they take some courses here during their time in medical school. My goal is definitely practicing in Canada but I just want to make sure either of these routes would let me become an MD practicing in Canada and what might be the benefits of picking one over the other. Additionally, any guidance or opinions as to when I should be looking into applying to these schools would be greatly appreciated. I'm tempted to apply to USDO schools now but I want to make sure it makes sense to do so if my goal is practicing in Canada. I apologize if that was very scatter brained, I am very confused in this process and there is a shortage of clear, current information on this. Obligatory stats Ontario applicant, ~3.5 wGPA, not sure about cGPA. Pretty good LORS, Hospital volunteer experience, Quite a few extracurriculars with residence and clubs, ~2 yrs of research experience with a prof and anticipating a publication soon. - If it changes anything, I had even been considering a research based masters AFTER that fifth year but I'm unsure about that now Thanks!
  6. BipolarBearr

    Special Student Status and 3/5 Rule

    Thanks for the reply, so as long as I follow those rules the 3/5 rule won't apply after graduating? The only one that I can see being tricky to follow is the 2nd year without 1st year prereqs. Also is this rule the same at every Canadian med school? Sadly with my GPA and MCAT Im thinking Western might be a little out of reach. Yeah, it seems like this information isn't very easy to access and many people say different things. Maybe it is worth contacting each school individually over. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I had made a thread previously about attending uwo as a special student in a 5th year or not graduating and taking the 5th year. A couple people had mentioned the 3/5 rule saying that 3.0 courses I take in this year must be 3rd year and above while the other 2.0 can be 2nd year and up. Is this still a requirement if I am in a Special year? Or is that only a rule for 5th years who have not graduated. Thanks!
  8. BipolarBearr

    'Special Student' status in fifth year?

    Just checked and the only thing I found was UofT saying that the special/5th year would be recognized but if I needed more than one year I should consider a second undergrad. So maybe was not remembering that policy correctly or it's still a thing which is why a second undergrad might be better. Not sure.
  9. BipolarBearr

    'Special Student' status in fifth year?

    I did follow up with NOSM, McMaster and Queens about the special year and none of them said it would change the way they influenced GPA calculations (although IIRC one of them said theyd only look at one extra year). So I dont see why there would be a problem if you wanted to just continue to a fifth without graduating
  10. BipolarBearr

    Discouraged with GPA and MCAT- need advice

    Thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it. I have calculated wGPA and im really not competitive anywhere that looks at cGPA, but theres still a chance at uwo and queens and maybe NOSM and UTM (provided I do really well in my 5th year). A second undergrad just isnt currently an option for me, but I appreciate the advice. I'll keep on trucking to try and get through the mcat, your improvement is amazing, congratulations! This mcat just has me feeling defeated and im hoping I can pull it together to improve. Yes im in a TPR prep course, I took it last year and it wasnt entirely helpful. I don't really think I like the CARS strategy that TPR advocates for so this year I have been picking and choosing the classes I attend. Thank you for the encouragement, I needed it!
  11. Hey everyone, My GPA in uni hasnt been incredible by any means (my cGPA is probably a 3.0), although my 4th year has been by far my highest- I was really discouraged to find out that it was only a 3.6ish due to one bad mark that weighed me down. I'm planning on taking a 5th year and will do everything in my power to get atleast 3.9 but I feel like even if I do, it won't be enough for me. I did the MCAT last summer and did terribly (497, 125 CARS) and I'm currently in the process of studying for my retake but honestly, these practice tests might as well be in Spanish and Im feeling really overwhelmed (I dont come from a science background so a lot of this doesn't come naturally to me). I guess I just need ideas and advice, I was hoping to apply everywhere in Canada this cycle even though my wGPA is likely 3.0-3.3. I heard applying to DO in the US is a lot easier, but it can be difficult to come back. I know Caribbean is supposed to be really easy, but then it's even more difficult to come back to Canada afterwards which is my end goal. I've heard good things about Ireland but I have no idea what that process is like and I haven't been able to find useful information from searching for awhile. I guess im just clueless and defeated at the moment. Medicine is all I've ever wanted and I'm hell bent on getting there, but something like a second undergrad isn't feasible and I'm finding myself having a break down nearly every day while studying for the MCAT (again). Here's a bit more info on me: Good LORS, ~1.5 yr research experience with a prof, only like 60 hours volunteering in a hospital, going into 5th year, considering research based masters after that. Any advice would be appreciated, I'm clueless and could use any encouragement and help
  12. Im in a TPR prep course, I took it last year as well but im currently studying for my retake and I also dont have a science background. Im sort of familiar with many concepts but I dont know anything in great detail and the TPR course is very fast paced. There is lots of homework and reading in addition to class but some of it isnt the best because they try to make it more difficult than the actual test to prepare you - in reality its just demoralizing lol. I think its a good refresher and it gives you a group of people who you can ask questions to but despite that, it might be a bit fast paced as they assume you have a background in it already.
  13. Heyo, Im slowly starting to prepare for my MCAT retake early August and was hoping I could get some support and someone to bounce ideas off and ask questions. I do not have a science background. PM me if interested!
  14. Hey! Im an Ontarian applicant in the process of correcting very average GPA (Im doing a 5th year) and fixing a mediocre MCAT, that being said- I hear admission into medical school in the US is slightly easier simply because there are more and because DO schools are slightly less competitive. I have always heard that it is impossible to come back to Canada after doing medical school in the states (I would ultimately want to practice in Canada). Can someone please tell me what this process is like or where I can find accurate information on it? Also, is it possible to go to a DO school in the US and ultimately come back to Canada as an MD (I assume it does not work that way), but what is the process like for someone who wants to practice medicine in Canada? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
  15. Hey, I've been hearing people get invitations to interview for Queens and McMaster and I'm just wondering- what does it mean not to hear anything at all? Admittedly, this past cycle I was not a strong applicant at all but I applied to NOSM, Queens and McMaster anyway. I got a rejection email from NOSM and I still have not received anything from Queens or McMaster. Is this strange? They do HAVE to send a rejection email right? I've checked junk and spam and searched for admissions in my email multiple times but haven't found anything- not sure what to make of this. Anyone have an idea of what's going on?