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  1. friedchickendudeMD

    Ontario's 53 extra residency spots

    Whats the benefit of doing FHO vs regular FM work in GTA
  2. friedchickendudeMD

    Pediatric Rheumatology

    how does salary compare to general rheum?
  3. friedchickendudeMD

    Pediatric Rheumatology

    Hi, How does this compare to regular rheumatology in terms or jobs pay etc...is it too hyperspecialized? thank you would appreicate any general info
  4. friedchickendudeMD

    White coat ceremony

    Do you happen to know the time aswell? I really appreciate this!
  5. friedchickendudeMD

    White coat ceremony

    Hi, Any idea when (date) this is happening this year? Thank you!
  6. friedchickendudeMD

    Blacked out Med bags

    I would love to wear uOttawa MD shirts and jackets ahahah. I saw people wearing them on interview day
  7. friedchickendudeMD

    Laptop Choice: Incoming 1st year

    Macbook Air 128 SSD 8gb RAM
  8. I think it depends on the advisor. They have ability to negotiate or increase the limit.
  9. friedchickendudeMD

    First Aid, Pathoma

    What do you think about buying toronto notes right now or any other book as a supplement. The goal of it is to review the material after finishing med school. Like to annotate stuff during MS1/MS2 to make sure it helps during clerkship or while practicing. I know first aid (step 2) and pathoma are recommended.
  10. friedchickendudeMD

    5th year for GPA?

    I think you should still apply to Ottawa. If you do well on your casper, you could get an interview and possibly an offer. GPA of 3.9 is competitive. Doing a 5th year is also a good idea because->higher GPA can only help. If you are confident you can get 3.95+ in your final year, it could really help improve your chances for medschool. I'd say go for it but also apply to other schools before starting your 5th year. GL
  11. I spoke to an advisor at Scotia who said it is even possible to get 325,000. It is possible to get between 300-325,000.
  12. friedchickendudeMD

    First Aid, Pathoma

    Thank you!
  13. friedchickendudeMD

    First Aid, Pathoma

    Hi anyone use these resources while in preclinical years in canadian school to solidify basic science knowledge? Thank you!
  14. friedchickendudeMD

    BLS certification

    haha its simple and very useful information. I am confident you will really enjoy the course. I wish you the best.