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  1. Hey guys, anyone know how many stations are going to be there for the MMI interview at uoft - dentistry. Also, does anyone know of any good resources or any tips to help prepare for an MMI style interview? i know past years had the CDA style interview so i do not have any older peers that i can ask for advice on this topic. would appreciate it a lot thank you!
  2. hey everyone, im interested in what you guys (preferably those who have done well at the interview for uoft dentistry) would answer to this MMI question. I don't know the ethics of whats right or wrong here. help a brotha out thanks! "Your neighbor has a five year old child who has many decayed teeth. The mother asks you for advice because she knows you volunteer for a dental professional and her child is in pain. The mother needs a dentist who will accept monthly payment for treatment. You provide her with different options and coach her on how to seek dental care for a child. One week later you see the mother and ask if she was able to acquire care for the child. She says no. What do you do?"
  3. for some reason i cant seem to download my DAT transcript, i keep getting an error, does anyone else have this problem?
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