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  1. Are you applying the upcoming cycle? Because the next Feb DAT usually isn't accepted then.
  2. GPA is fine for uoft or Western. You may need to add more to your ABS for Western. I would recommend shadowing and just more community volunteering. Your University may have a volunteering portal you can use to see what you can help out with, or just volunteer with events around your city.
  3. You definitely have a chance at American schools ; the average is usually around a 3.5 . If you have your DH and a bunch of extracurriculars and a strong DAT I think youd be a strong applicant. If you are canadian though, you have to look up the schools that accept canadians, and not all accept the Canadian DAT (I think). America tends to be much more holistic with the application review so your upward trend should be good. Good luck!
  4. Oh interesting! I actually just got an invite to interview at CWRU! What is life like there vs. London/Canada? What is the atmosphere between faculty and students like? Thank you !
  5. Invited ! Super surprised. So to all you guys who have relatively low grades like me next year keep that hope up ! GPA (top 2 years): 84.4% (currently in 4th year) DAT: 23 RC / 21 AA / 22 PAT ECs: exec in 4 school clubs + other club involvements, research since second year, over 100h shadowing, job as an assistant secretary in a medical office
  6. Resources: I used Kaplan and DATBootcamp. I will say that for this you really have to just practice reading over and over again. Like the practice and the actual DAT, doesn't have to be science articles. I will say that my time in undergrad learning how to skim countless articles for a single sentence for lab reports really has helped me and my reading skills. Method: Honestly changed for a while. In the beginning, I used to use the search and destroy method, but I found all the going back and forth really annoying esp when you dont really remember where things are. I actually just read or skim read the entire passage and then go through the questions. It allows me to read a question and actually kinda remember where I saw it in the overall passage to get there faster and get the answer faster. I found it easier to know where than just look for words that may reappear multiple times. I will say the RC was a lot longer than the ones on bootcamp and kaplan, so I actually had to rush a lot of reading but it worked out. I actually tried to do search and destroy in the middle of the test when I realized i was running out of time, but it didnt work out for the 5 minutes I tried to do it so i went and just read the whole thing and answered the questions as best as i could. Bottom line is just practice reading. The questions not as much. Just get used to reading faster.
  7. I thought the DAT was super hard ... I have taken the American DAT before this and it was a lot harder in my opinion, especially on the RC and PAT. The Bio section was similar but the CHM was easier, imo. I ended up with: RC 23 AA 21 PAT 22 My GPA is below average though, so I am unsure if I will get in even with a relatively competitive DAT.
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