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  1. Fwiw, I got an offer to my first preference site today. I originally received an offer to my third preference site on June 4th, off the waitlist. I'll be accepting my first preference offer and I hope this helps someone on the waitlist in some way. Regardless, you guys are all very deserving and I wish you nothing but the best.
  2. Timestamp: June 4 10:41 AM PST (Off Wait-List) Accepted SMP (3rd choice) Early or regular deadline: Regular AGPA: ~89% MCAT: 515 (130/125/131/129) Year: Graduated 2017 ECs: I may have initiated ECs intent on improving med app but by integrating into communities (whether its basic science research lab, senior center, etc.), I ended up making connections and networks with people and this made it very hard to leave the activity. As a result, I had quite a few long-term commitments (almost all >= 1year long). For anonymity reasons, I'll leave specifics out. Please message me if you'd like.  Geography: IP Interview: This was my second time interviewing, I also interviewed last year. Since then, I worked a lot more in healthcare and developed some of the interpersonal skills that I think are either consciously or unconsciously tested for in interviews (e.g. confidence, extroversion, thinking on your feet). I also read a lot more on current social issues and really engaged with them by thinking about those things in the real world and talking to people about them. I found that there was an ethical element to a lot more of these issues than I had realized before and I tried to think about the ethics from as many different angles as possible. To be completely honest, I would say that there is an element of luck in the interview process. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a lottery because I do think there are ways one can improve on interviews, but I also don't think it's as much of a meritocracy as one would think. There are people who I really thought would get in this cycle who didn't and there are people who I worried were sociopathic who did get in (they did after all have high GPA + MCATs). The takeaway I'm suggesting is: try to practice for interviews but don't stress too much about it - just be a normal person. Please message me if you have any specific questions. The med school process is stressful as is and as someone who thankfully made it in, I feel like I have a responsibility to pay it forward. Best of luck everyone.
  3. According to link below, second round will go out either Monday May 27 or Tuesday May 28. Best of luck to you as well. https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2019/05/10/waitlist-questions-2019/
  4. Hanging in there. Just checking: has everyone replied to the waitlist poll? Link below. I'm curious what proportion of the waitlist pool the current number of votes (22) represents.
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