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  1. Still waiting to hear back GPA: 87% AA: 23, PAT 20 Some shadowing and volunteer
  2. lol their admissions office has like 3 different possible phone numbers. I wonder how long this cycle is gonna be (when the last wave of invites will be).
  3. Did they forget to send out rejections or something lol
  4. "I really like staggered interview decisions". -Nobody
  5. Honestly, at this point UBC, just take your time boo. The anticipation wore off for me on Monday when I thought we were gonna get results lol
  6. What extra stuff did they add to the apps this year?
  7. I think it would really help my sanity if people who heard something back posted.
  8. What does the reference for UBC dentistry require from our referees (eg. letter, rating) ? On the website, it says the references are "requested to send us appraisals of your qualifications". What does this appraisal consist of?
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