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  1. Which fellowships lead to the highest net income? Was surprised to learn IR doesn't make as much based on per unit of work/procedure compared to other interventional areas. What about Emerg & Trauma, MSK, etc.?
  2. A friend of mine went unmatched last year and most of the advice from the college was "apply to FM". They applied to Rads and although got a good number of interviews...I wonder how friendly more competitive specialty programs (or programs in general) view unmatched students. A few years ago I knew someone who asked CaRMS for other kinds of data - gender and ethnicity variability amongst specialties across Canada. They were wondering whether the algorithm somehow helped programs appear to fulfill an unspoken 'variety quota' - a good mix of female:male and/or different ethnicities. CaRMS didn't reply but I wonder.
  3. UBC Family Med Current: Jan 26 or Jan 27 Desired: Jan 13
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