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  1. I have an opportunity to study Medical Lab Technology, which is a very appealing to me as someone who is highly interested in pursuing Lab/Diagnostic Medicine. I currently study biochem, and while I haven't faces anything overtly difficult yet, the upper year Calc, Physics, & P-Chem are a bit worrisome based on my performance so far. the MLS degree would allow me to A] Not take any more Physics, and avoid the p-chem+maths nightmare; B] take literally every course I want to take sans a few, and C] have a job that'll pay off the loans and is a solid backup if med school doesn't work out. Additionally, the MLS has numerous opportunities to get involved with clinical research within the province and I'm super into that. The kicker is the MLT program involves half the program be taught at the local community college, and I'm not sure how this would affect my med school aspirations. The courses I'd be taking at the university would include; Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Virology, Genetics, Micro & Cell Bio, Histology, Biochem, Toxicology, Organic Chem 1 & 2, Analytical Chem, Calculus, Biostatistics, as well as associated labs for all of these. The college courses would be mainly courses to get Practical Skills (Microscopy, Imaging, etc...), Phlebotomy, Haematology, and Lab Management certifications, as well as the clinical hours required to be licenced by the CSMLS. For what it's worth, I would graduate and receive the degree from the university and not the college. tldr; interested in MLS as my premed program, MLS is 2 years at a uni, 2 years at a community college, how does this affect my app for Maritime and Ontario schools?
  2. Happy New Year everyone! After much deliberation I decided to transfer from doing an arts degree to doing a science degree, however, since I didn't take a precalc course high school I needed to take the one offered at my institution before I could do proper calc courses. As a result, I ended up dropping an introductory course in Greek myths halfway through the semester in order to fit the precalc course and have a Withdrawl noted on my transcript. Now I withdrew from the course not because I was failing or doing poorly, simply because It wasn't intellectually stimulating and I felt that the math course would be a better use of my time, so I feel that if it were to come up in the application process I could explain it pretty well, but the premed neuroticism is getting to me... How does having a withdrawal on your transcript affect your chances?
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