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  1. Thanks for the super helpful advice guys. It's good to know research in a different specialty won't hurt my application, but may not be helpful either! I do agree that career exploration might be more important for the summer. I understand how important it is to take the time to reflect on and evaluate each observership. I've also ruled out some specialties and already decided medicine over surgery. I just had heard from upper years that it might be more apparent what specific specialty I want to go for after some clerkship rotations. I'm definitely looking to doing more observerships this coming semester though!
  2. I wanted to continue because I'm finally a bit more comfortable with what's going on in the research topic and starting a new project (with another supervisor) would kind of be a pain. But also to build my research skills and get the summer scholarship. I don't think I'll let my supervisor down; they're really open and nice about it. I'm going to be doing more observership in second semester, but I don't find that observing helps me much for career selection. I think immersing myself in one specialty for longer in clerkship would help me. So, I'm just wondering if doing this research would hurt me in any way.... for example, if I were to apply to a competitive specialty, then would they look unfavourably on research in another specialty (especially for 2 summers?)?
  3. Hi everyone! I needed some advice on research in med school. I am a second year student and am still unsure about what specialty I want to do... (which in itself has made me beyond anxious when thinking about choosing rotation orders and electives). I did research after my first year in a specialty that I thought I might be interested in, but I am fairly sure I don't want to pursue it anymore (although it's not fully ruled out). However, I found the work to fit my skills and really liked my supervisor (very productive and I got a lot out of the experience). I'm wondering if I should continue this research after my second year summer even though it's in a specialty that I might not pursue? Or should I drop it and find research projects that are more diverse and in fields that I might be more interested in (currently thinking internal, family, psych, peds...)
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