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  1. Me too Pecan, although I still have yet to explore exactly what kind of working and volunteering I want to do.
  2. What're you all up to next year if med doesn't work out this cycle?
  3. I’m probably not the only one who did, but I called Mac and they did say that they’ve kept updated at all time with enough offers out there to theoretically fill the class. From what she said as well I do think the so called bigger wave went out yesterday but that we will still see quite a bit of movement this week and in the weeks to come. Seems like a very continual process and there’s really no set date to expect anything but that our chances are still pretty good. They still have people who won’t accept their offer from the waitlist, and a few people who may have accepted out of province or wherever that didn’t really respond at all to their offers on OMSAS that they need to track down.
  4. Update guys: I called UofT and they said that offers off waitlist will be made tomorrow since they’re still processing things today. They will also send out lots of rejections then too and only keep a couple people on the waitlist going forward (those people won’t hear anything tomorrow). Did emphasize that their waitlist is small but also said that quite a few rejections will come.
  5. In the past threads it seems like some people got emails throughout the afternoon (definitely saw a couple at 12:30ish, around 2:30-3, and 4ish) - I hope some of us do too!!
  6. It seems like in previous years they released some on the Tuesday (yesterday) but then a bunch mid day today as well - did anyone else see this or am i just being hopeful?
  7. Do we think everything went out last night from the main wave?
  8. Hi! I agree, I do think it's shorter but still tough to say how short - like maybe in the range of 30-80 people? Also FYI, I wanted to pass this on: called UofT a few days ago. They would tell me that there's been no waitlist movement yet and they wouldn't expect any until after the deadline, but that it may not be much depending on how many decline. They confirmed they over-offer initially but I presume they can't cut it TOO close so hopefully a couple of us will make it off! Based on my creeping I think tomorrow would be a likely day to hear from them. They also will probably let us know once there's little hope - I hear they reject people from the waitlist (bottom half or similar) once it's not likely to get an offer. Are you waitlisted or accepted anywhere else?
  9. Anyone get off the waitlist today? Do you think they’re waiting to send out offers til tomorrow or mostly Wednesday?
  10. What day do you think the most offers will come out? Do you think they process much of them by Tuesday or would Wednesday be more of a day to be nervous on? Are you guys on multiple waitlists? I’m currently waiting on two Ontario schools but not too hopeful for either :/ it’s nice to have people to wait with online though!
  11. Anyone have guesses on when they might release any waitlist offers? From some creeping back on the thread I found that a bunch got released either about two weeks after the initial offer date (obviously makes sense) and some roughly ten days after as well. I wish I had more of an idea of how many get rejected vs accepted off the waitlist but UofT seems to want to tell us nothing :( reject me already
  12. Hi everyone! Saw this on a lot of the other threads for various schools and wanted to make one here.
  13. Does anyone have any info about last year's waitlist or general UofT waitlist info? I've been waitlisted this a.m. and have no idea how many are on the waitlist or how many ever get off it!
  14. Hi everyone! As we wait for May 14th I was hoping to get more of a feel for how things often play out post-interview at various schools. I was lucky to get three interviews this cycle (Toronto, Mac, Western) but after being rejected post-interview at UofT last year (3rd year) I have some doubts about my abilities to be a strong interviewee. I felt that two of my interviews went reasonably well and the other pretty meh. How do these schools compare to others in Ontario for waitlist movement (e.g. I've heard Ottawa waitlist moves a lot)? In your opinion, is there a school in Ontario with the "best" post-interview chances, or one that ranks the interview with less importance? Would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation or with more insight on the post-interview process of these schools to better assess post-interview chances. Even if its useless at this point, it's kind of fun. Thanks so much!
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